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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 23 Recap

Nan Jianlong chased outside and asked Nan Li what was wrong. After communication, he said that he could fully understand and understand Nan Li’s meaning, but he said that he needed to discuss with Cai Juying. Cai Juying agreed with the house, but said that Nan Li and Xia Junshan needed to make it clear in person. In fact, they wanted Nan Li to recognize his family status in disguise. During the communication with Cai Juying, Tian Yulan learned that the house did not have Cai Juying’s name and belonged to Nan Jianlong’s pre-marital property. Cai Juying did not expect that when she asked Nan Jianlong about the addition of the name, Nan Jianlong refused to use the pre-marital property. Cai Juying, who was feeling cold and uneasy, came to Nanli’s company to make a big fuss, which made Nanli extremely embarrassed. Tian Yulan arrived and persuaded Cai Juying to go. The sisters negotiated. Tian Yulan suggested that Huanhuan and over 1% of the shares can be added with names. Then Cai Juying should be given names, as many shares as possible.

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