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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 21 Recap

Nan Jianlong was really angry, Cai Juying came to apologize to Zhao Na, and the scene was even more chaotic. Nan Li was wronged because of her mother, so she attacked Nan Jianlong on the phone. Afterwards, Nan Jianlong went to Xia Junshan alone and asked Xia Junshan to help ease the relationship between father and daughter. He hoped to host a family dinner again. As a father, Xia Junshan understood Nan Jianlong’s feelings and persuaded Nan Li to go to the banquet. Unexpectedly, in order to relieve Nan Jianlong’s anger, Cai Juying also asked Tian Yulan to take the watchman You to the door.

The sisters met again. This time the family banquet directly staged a full-scale martial arts, and the contradiction not only failed to ease, but further intensified. Tian Yulan looked at her mother silently sad, and then looked at a table of rich dishes that she hadn’t touched before, which made her feel distressed and guilty in addition to her anger. On the other side, Nan Li returned home and tried to hide her grievances in front of her mother, but nothing escaped Zhao Na’s eyes.

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