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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 20 Recap

Mama Mi Tao learned about the difficulties of Nan Li’s family and took the initiative to push away another afternoon’s work. She can help take care of Zhao Na before Nan Li gets off work, and she is more caring and responsible than professional nurses. From time to time, Nan Jianlong came to Nan Li’s house in the name of spring walks, and took this opportunity to enjoy his family happiness, playing with Huanhuan and Super Super, and he was very happy. Xia Junshan gave Mi Tao’s mother an extra red envelope, but Mi Tao’s mother didn’t want to live or die, and only asked Xia Junshan to pick up Huanhuan when she was out of school.

By the way, help pick up rice peaches. When Zhenjunshan thought about it, he simply took Mitao to his home, and he helped with the homework of the two children, and he thanked Mitao’s mother enthusiastically. Cai Juying followed Nan Jianlong to Nan Li’s house, and happened to see Nan Jianlong taking care of Zhao Na. There was a fierce conflict between the two. Nan Jianlong lost her temper to Cai Juying, thinking that she had misunderstood her kindness and had no sympathy, so she had a cold war with Cai Juying.

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