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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 18 Recap

Despite Shen Ruoxin’s repeated warnings, You Sijia’s negligence was inevitable, and the child safety seat fell into the bus, which caused dissatisfaction among parents. The test drive meeting, which was going fairly smoothly, suddenly became a mess. Because of the test drive problem, everyone gathered around Shen Ruoxin to discuss the matter. You Sijia hurriedly took out toys to make the children happy and avoid adding chaos.

Xu Minjie informed Shen Ruoxin to deal with the matter as soon as possible, promised to delay her for half an hour, and then came forward to deal with the group of media reporters, hoping that they would be merciful. The reporter looked at Xu Minjie’s face and naturally understood it, but customers value personal experience very much, and they would never buy it if they did not solve the current problem.

Qi Xiao contacted nearby businesses and found that there were no suitable safety seats at all. Even qualified manufacturers could not overcome their immediate thirst. Fortunately, through inquiries from various sources, Qi Xiao learned that there was a warehouse nearby, but no one answered the warehouse phone, so he wanted to see the situation in person.

As time passed, not only the parents felt emotional, but even Shen Ruoxin felt anxious. Just as she was ready to fail, she was completely discouraged. However, at a critical moment, Qi Xiao came back with dozens of tricycles with safety seats. Shen Ruoxin was so excited that he immediately apologized to Xu Minjie and was willing to deduct all bonuses for this event and apply for compensation for the test drive customers. , Give a moderate discount.

According to Shen Ruoxin’s proposal, Xu Minjie decided to give each customer three years of basic maintenance on the basis of this preferential strength. Finally, the test drive will be breathtaking, not only won the praise of everyone, but the signing rate has also exceeded. Past records. After the test drive meeting, the sales of the New Energy Department continued to rise, and the group headquarters was very satisfied with it, so it approved Xu Minjie’s request for salary increases and upgrades for the employees.

In order to reward everyone for their hard work over the past few days, Xu Minjie announced a dinner party on the weekend. When You Sijia heard the good news, she sneaked into the office to put on makeup, paying special attention to her first date with Su Yang. At this time, more than a dozen versions of Su Yang’s revised manuscript were rejected by the client, and the boss was criticized in public for a long time.

Colleagues have long been accustomed to it, so they enlightened Su Yang as someone who came over, persuading him to learn to adapt to being squeezed by the boss. Before leaving, the client saw the kitten in Su Yang’s comics and planned to use it as the company’s cartoon image. However, the kitten pattern was a gift from Su Yang to You Sijia, so he objected on the spot and the client turned around and left with anger. Notify the Personnel Department to issue a penalty notice to Su Yang, deducting one month’s salary.

Because of this incident, Su Yang stayed at home depressed, not only did not go to the appointment, even You Sijia also refused to answer the phone. You Sijia came to the door with a gift, and she was still patiently enlightening him, but Su Yang didn’t expect Su Yang to only care about his own feelings and never considered You Sijia’s difficulties.

Su Yang broke up with You Sijia on impulse, and even said a lot of hurtful words. Qi Xiao came back from get off work and found You Sijia squatting at the door crying bitterly, because he didn’t know what happened, and just wanted to go to comfort him, he saw You Sijia leave alone. Su Yang was still sitting in the room, looking dejected, and then took out a penalty notice and handed it to Qi Xiao, claiming that he had lost his job and would leave Shanghai soon.

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