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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 17 Recap

Qi Xiao drove Xu Minjie home from get off work and deliberately revealed in front of him the news about going to Shen’s house tonight. It seemed to show off to his rivals, but he didn’t take it seriously. Instead, he told him that since he lives relatively close, he should always take the ride. Helped the mother and daughter with their hands.

As a result, Qi Xiao became jealous when he heard these words, claiming that he would take care of Shen Ruoxin and he didn’t need Xu Minjie’s instructions. Seeing that Qi Xiao was emotional, Xu Minjie reminded him to know more about women as a person who came over. Even an excellent workplace man like Shen Ruoxin still lacks the sense of security like ordinary women.

Su Yang did not dare to face You Sijia’s feelings. Every time Qi Xiao asked about this matter, he always assumed a “poor man’s rationality” posture. In addition to not being able to buy a house in Shanghai and mocking the superiority of the local aboriginals, It seems that he is even more inferior, and even Qi Xiao loses the meaning of discussion, too lazy to argue.

At the same time, Shen Ruoxin was lying on the bed and reminiscing about the sweet and sour pork ribs. When he thought of staying up late to do his homework when he was a child, Shen’s father would secretly prepare a plate of spare ribs as a treat. Now that his parents are divorced, Shen Ruoxin dared not eat it openly anymore, so he simply took advantage of the sweet and sour pork ribs made by Qi Xiao to heat up in the middle of the night, and once again experience the memories of childhood.

The test drive event was about to be held, and the appropriate opinion leader was not contacted for a long time. Xu Minjie reprimanded the person in charge of the brand department, and then asked other people if they had suitable resources. Originally, Qi Xiao wanted to provide the resources in her hand, but she was stopped by Shen Ruoxin. She thought it was not easy to intervene in matters related to the brand department. If she fails, she will be scammed. Success means showing off.

Zou Cheng asked Song Ziyan’s parents for help, hoping that the old couple could persuade her to give up her job and stay at home to have children with peace of mind. Song Ziyan understood that Zou Cheng wanted to take this opportunity to force herself to submit, but she really didn’t want to give up her job, so she was caught in a dilemma. Listening to Song Ziyan’s complaint, Ah Ting patiently enlightened her a few words, saying that if she really couldn’t make a decision, she would simply leave it to God to deal with it.

Through Zhu Lin’s relationship, Qi Xiao finally made an appointment with the big-name media person “Feng Chi Hall Master” to meet. At first, Qi Xiao was full of confidence and thought that he could be invited to be a guest at the company’s test drive meeting. However, the Hall Master Feng Chi picked it up in front of Qi Xiao and threatened to let Xu Minjie come to see him in person, otherwise he would be insincere.

Shen Ruoxin went to discuss cooperation in place of Xu Minjie. As expected, the host of Fengchi didn’t eat hard and soft, and still insisted that the price in his hand was several times higher than the market price. Faced with this difficult internet celebrity, Shen Ruoxin no longer insisted on cooperation, and even felt that even if the deal was concluded, it would be difficult to guarantee that there would be problems in the future, so through this matter, she re-expanded her marketing ideas.

After finishing today’s work, Qi Xiao followed Shen Ruoxin and Song Ziyan to dinner. On the surface, it was just a plate of fried noodles, but after tasting it, he couldn’t help himself, and ate several plates one after another. Because of Qi Xiao’s youthful vitality, Song Ziyan cast her envied eyes, and by the way chatted with Shen Ruoxin about the past. The two exposed each other’s ugly photos, playing and laughing.

There is only one day left before the test drive event. Since the brand department has not yet invited suitable guests, Shen Ruoxin recommended herself and wanted to select two experts in the field of environmental protection technology and healthy life, and reconfirm good experts. Schedule. Seeing that Shen Ruoxin had made enough preparations, Xu Minjie organized the event according to her idea, and she was solely responsible for it.

It was the day of the test drive meeting in a blink of an eye. Shen Ruoxin considered that this audience is all parents. In addition to taking care of the parents’ test drive experience, they must also take into account the needs of the children. In addition to bringing toys, they also provide each car with Good child seat. Qi Xiao rode a motorcycle to the test drive site first. Seeing the large group of cars slowly approaching, he immediately put on a cool posture on the side of the road.

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