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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 7 Recap

The female comrade Lin Anbang in the medical office was spotted by the team leader. The team leader asked him to volunteer for intravenous and intramuscular injections today. Otherwise, he would call their company commander. Lin Anbang could only admit his fate. On the boxing ring in the gym, Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun competed against each other and threw them in the face with one punch and one punch, only to be stopped by Lu Zheng. Lu Zheng hated fighting in the nest the most, so let them go back and reflect on it.

An Lei asked the instructors of the training camp to participate in the competition. Lang Yongcheng was very confident, but Wang Xianmin and others were not happy. The young men who participated in the competition were only 20 years old and they were almost 50. Such a game would be unfair, but in An Lei Under the guidance of Wang’s persuasion and Lang Yongcheng, the three of them still bite the bullet.

Before the trump player selection camp set off, An Lei said that whoever wants to enter the Battle Blade Company must pass through the selection camp, and the Battle Blade Company is their 270’s pride. Four veterans of the 270th brigade, Lang Yongcheng, Hou Jidong, Wang Xianmin, and Chen Haofeng, were also instructors in this selection camp. It was the first time that Xia Zhuo saw so many first-level sergeant majors, and I heard there were fewer than generals.

After some preparations, the four veterans set off first. There are all the items they need in the bag, but there are only three bags of biscuits and three bags of water. If you can’t hold on, press to give up the launcher. Lin Anbang found that there was no toilet paper inside, and Xia Zhuo was speechless. Before departure, Lu Zheng stated that he would follow them 24 hours a day, but would never provide any help, and the snacks in his car were not prepared for them. Yi Zimeng was a little disappointed.

When the four of Lang Yongcheng set off, they were able to take a look at what was in the bag, and found that there were milk bread sausages inside, and even a self-heating pot. The recruits followed the veterans, and no one stopped them. Ouyang Jun was lost, and Xia Zhuo and others took him with him. Xia Zhuo figured it out and found that they had to hurry up at night. Both Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun found that there was a problem with the compass, and they were obviously making problems for them. Xia Zhuo found the direction, but Ouyang Jun decided to think again, so he let them go first, and if the direction was right, he would catch up.

The four Lang Yongcheng suddenly stopped moving, and Lu Zheng knew that they wanted to hold back. The veterans rested, and the recruits were at a loss. The four of Xia Zhuo chased after him. He felt that he should follow the veteran, although he didn’t know what they were doing. Xia Zhuo was driven away by the veterans, and Xia Zhuo suddenly understood what they were going to do. The instructors must have only one purpose to participate in the competition, that is, to win the competition and establish prestige. Xia Zhuo guessed that their compass had a problem, so they followed the veteran. Go to bed together.

The veteran saw that no one was following them to sleep, so he immediately got up and drove on the road. Xia Zhuo quickly woke up Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng to follow. Lin Anbang suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom, and Xia Zhuo followed him first. Lang Yongcheng found tire marks on the ground, and followed them all the way forward. Lin Anbang insisted on Yi Zimeng to find toilet paper, so Yi Zimeng had to help him find leaves in the wilderness. Lang Yongcheng and others decided to find a place to rest, so they went into a certain cave. Xia Zhuo met Ouyang Jun, and the two followed the veteran all the way to the cave.

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