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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 6 Recap

Lu Zheng thought An Lei had something to do with Xia Zhuo, and An Lei was speechless. Lu Zheng felt that Xia Zhuo was not doing well, which made An Lei look puzzled. The next day, An Lei took his daughter home from school, and Xia Zhuo happened to come to him. An Lei asked Xia Zhuo why he wanted to be a soldier. Xia Zhuo said that he had to give himself two years to enlist in the army and think about why he wanted to be a soldier.

The 270th brigade came to the new dormitory, where the recruits will study all subjects and then be transferred to the companies. Political commissar An Lei and Liang’s political commissar proposed that they want to form a special small force that can complete the final blow. At least they can’t continue with the old routines and methods. Political commissar Liang expressed their support. An Lei wanted to find a paradise and an elders’ village.

Wang Xianmin and his old comrades came to Lang Yongcheng for a drink. An Lei sent a message asking him what he was doing. The four quickly hid the glasses and said they were drinking tea. An Lei saw it through at a glance, but since it was a holiday, let them eat and drink well. Political commissar An Lei and Liang wanted to hear the thoughts of the veterans.

They wanted to include those who were willing to join the combined company, so that Lang Yongcheng and other veterans would be selected, and some of the top players would be called the War Blade Company. Although the location of the first battalion may have been exposed, An Lei still felt that it was the most suitable place. As long as the superior approved, they would do it.

An Lei gave Lang Yongcheng a packet of Qingfei Tea. Of course, he didn’t take it for free. He took the lead in the selection camp. He is a veteran and has prestige in the camp to convince the crowd. As soon as Lang Yongcheng left, Lu Zheng was called over again, and An Lei said that he wanted to give him a good place to go and become a company commander. Yang Wanjin refused to go to Hecheng Company because he had to take the exam to enter the military academy. He preferred to retire. Lu Zheng was also angry in his heart. Yang Wanjin was the soldier he brought out, but he was so arrogant now.

During class, Xia Zhuo couldn’t help asking questions, and Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng quickly pressed him back. Xia Zhuo still felt that what the teacher said was too general and not detailed enough. During the training exercises, Xia Zhuo broke his best results, but almost got injured because of running too fast. Ouyang Jun’s results are also good, but he is still a bit unwilling to lag behind Xia Zhuo. Lin Anbang accompanied Xia Zhuo to the infirmary, and fell in love with Yan Yibing, a hygienist at first sight, but was eventually kicked out.

Xia Zhuo had achieved a third-class merit in less than 100 days in the army, and Lu Zheng was also very optimistic about him, so he asked him to participate in the trump card contest. Xia Zhuo will definitely participate, but he wants to give the first place to Ouyang Jun. Lu Zheng is speechless. He is indeed very smart, but he is also very conceited, and conceit is not necessarily a good thing. Xia Zhuo said that Ouyang Jun needed this opportunity to be rewarded more than him. Lu Zheng criticized him for insulting his opponent. If he was convinced that a man had to win openly and lose, Xia Zhuo didn’t even listen. Lu Zheng was so angry that he could only remind him that the trump card contest was not a joke.

Ouyang Jun came to take over. I heard that Xia Zhuo told Lu Zheng that he was dissatisfied that he wanted to release water, and that Xia Zhuo had to take part in the competition seriously. Xia Zhuo was very angry, and the two quarreled again about this matter, so they decided to solve the fight by boxing. Lin Anbang ran to the infirmary and pretended to be sick, Yan Yibing called the captain over with a disagreement, and Lin Anbang was arranged to be an intramuscular injection experimenter.

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