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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 5 Recap

Huang Wen hopes that Yi Zimeng understands that this military uniform cannot be worn casually, and she is willing to help Yi Zimeng. When Yi Zi dreamed of graduating from university, Xia Zhuo, Lin Anbang, and Yi Zimeng signed up for selection. Xia Zhuo also reminded them of the consequences. Lin Anbang was passionate and Yi Zimeng was also impulsive. Lin Anbang is very worried about Yi Zimeng, and Yi Zimeng has been confused recently and can only resign himself to his fate. Lin Anbang persuaded Yi Zimeng to stay and work hard, there must be a bright future in the future, and also advised him to wait for Xia Zhuo to return.

After losing contact with the headquarters for 24 hours, Qi Peng decided to initiate a state of emergency. Wang Jinying, commander of the 334th brigade, wanted to see Xia Zhuo and was relieved when he learned that Yi Zimeng had been sent back to 270 Xia Zhuo. Xia Zhuo knew that this was an exercise, and guessed that his superiors wanted to pass the crisis to conduct an assessment.

Wang Jinying was surprised when he saw this. His judgment of a recruit was even more accurate than the entire 270 brigade. Wang Jinying asked Xia Zhuo what was the mission of their 334th brigade in this exercise. Xia Zhuo thought for a moment and said that the mission of the 334th brigade should be to stop the mission of the 270th brigade and act as an imaginary enemy.

Whoever wins in this confrontation is the boss. Wang Jinying admired Xia Zhuo very much, and even soaked him private tea. He and An Lei were college classmates and the super brains of their class. Xia Zhuo wanted to go back, but Wang Jinying refused. After all, he already knew the mission of the 334th brigade. Wang Jinying confessed that he admired Xia Zhuo very much.

They were leaving here and hoped to take Xia Zhuo away. When Xia Zhuo heard this, he quickly refused. Wang Jinying went on to say that the secret level of the 334 brigade was higher than 270. Xia Zhuo had a lot to do with him. Xia Zhuo was embarrassed. His good brothers Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng were still at 270. Wang Jinying generously indicated that they could be transferred together, and Xia Zhuo didn’t even have the opportunity to refuse.

Yi Zimeng received a warning, which was already the lightest punishment, but Yi Zimeng was still upset. Ouyang Jun asked Yi Zimeng what he was going to do. If he was really afraid of death, he shouldn’t fill in that form. Now the veterans’ evaluation of the four of them is a wonderful work of East Sichuan University. Ouyang Jun was very dissatisfied with being implicated and directly quarreled with Yi Zimeng. Yi Zimeng satirized that Ouyang Jun would not come here to serve as a soldier if he could not get a degree.

He threatened that as long as Xia Zhuo was here, he would not want to make a military service test Military school. The two almost fought, but Lin Anbang couldn’t stop him. Angrily pointed at Ouyang Jun’s nose and yelled at him. Ouyang Jun left a sentence incorrigible and left. However, Lin Anbang also knows that Ouyang Jun said nothing wrong, and there is no way out for Yi Zimeng to continue to be a turtle like this.

The chief was very dissatisfied with the performance of the 270 brigade. They wasted a lot of time and have been in chaos since An Lei’s disappearance. An Lei asked Wang Jinying to ask for Xia Zhuo, and Wang Jinying had to agree to arrange for him to go back in the afternoon. Political commissar Liang told them that the chief said that the assessment scores of the 270 brigade and 334 brigade were not enough, and how to adjust the subsequent operations is still a problem. Wang Jinying confessed that the 334 brigade was leaving. Although the camp that had been there for most of his life left them a little uncomfortable, when An Lei said that reform was necessary, he felt more relieved.

Xia Zhuo returned to the 270th brigade with the tea sent by Wang Jinying. Lu Zheng really convinced him, and one was captured before he even entered the battlefield. Xia Zhuo asked back, how many times had he said that this was an exercise but no one believed him. Although Xia Zhuo was warned, but because his judgment was correct, he was prepared to give him a third-class skill. Back in the car, Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng were very happy to see him. Huang Wen’s secondment time has come, so she has to go back, An Lei told her that she must come back again. Huang Wen gave An Lei a soldier psychological investigation report. Xia Zhuo, Yi Zimeng, and Ouyang Jun are all representative. Among them, Ouyang Jun needs special attention.

An Lei recalled the scene when he met Xia Zhuo. His wife, Teacher Zhou, was a teacher at East Sichuan University. He heard that An Lei wanted to dig Xia Zhuo over and persuaded him to forget it. After all, Xia Zhuo is a world champion, and his junior is still a junior. Before graduating, many top 500 companies came to dig him. It is said that the highest on-site signing fee is 5 million, and the annual salary is also 5 million. Xia Zhuo, Yi Zimeng, and Lin Anbang were drinking at the food stall.

An Lei sat aside on his own initiative and asked them why they didn’t join the army. The three of them laughed and didn’t care. An Lei and Lu Zheng talked about Xia Zhuo, saying that he was the super brain world champion and signed up, but Lu Zheng kept asking him what is the relationship with Xia Zhuo.

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