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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 4 Recap

It turns out that all this is a confrontation case designed by the chief. The biochemical blackmail is real, but it has been resolved long ago, but the headquarters wants to use this biochemical blackmail to bring in the Rocket Army that has not been able to participate in the war, and look at the king of kings. How did the 270 brigade commanders at all levels play their due abilities when they lost the brigade commander and political commissar?

Let Huang Wen enter the standby warehouse to observe everyone’s psychological reaction in extreme situations, and also for psychological counseling collection after the migration data. An Lei said that no matter whether the situation is true or false, their 270 brigade must be taken. The chief said that the information they gave to the 270 brigade was flawed. If they did not find a flaw within an hour, the assessment might have failed.

Xia Zhuo resumed everything and found that this was probably just an exercise. He was excited to find someone to open the door, and the monitor came to give him food. Xia Zhuo pledged his life to say that this was an act, and hoped that he could give himself a chance. prove. Xia Zhuo believes that all the data they obtained are real, but they do not match their progress, and there is a time gap between them. They only conducted an exercise, and he seriously told his theory but was shut down again. Back, no one believed him. Xia Zhuo didn’t give up.

He knew that this might be a game, and he would lose if he couldn’t find An Lei. During the surveillance, Lu Zheng found Xia Zhuo ran out through the vent, and went into the confinement room to check. At this time, Lin Anbang sneaked over to talk to Xia Zhuo, and Ouyang Jun started to complain about Lu Zheng after complaining. As a result, when Lu Zheng opened the door, Lin Anbang was directly stupid.

Yi Zimeng was missing. Lu Zheng guessed that Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng were both in the tunnel, and did not plan to find them. Xia Zhuo crawled around in the tunnel, and finally climbed out of the cavern, and then Yi Zimeng also got out. Xia Zhuo said that he was going to perform a secret mission to find An Lei and the political commissar. Yi Zimeng was very worried about going to war for fear that he would be killed in it, so he ran out to hide and was very nervous. Xia Zhuo told him that this was just a drill, and then led him forward. Lin Anbang was questioned by Lu Zheng where Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng had gone. Lin Anbang was so anxious that he didn’t know. Lu Zheng thought Huang Wen had hidden Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng, so he came to the counseling room to find someone. Huang Wen was very aggrieved. Where could she hide people.

Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng were looking for the brigade in the wilderness. Yi Zimeng suddenly asked Xia Zhuo if he really thought about being a soldier. They have to stay here for two years. The days are tormenting, and Yi Zi is afraid of dreams. Only when Xia Zhuo knew the reason for his recent loss of life, he could not answer this question. Some people always said that he regretted serving as a soldier for two years, and regretted not serving as a soldier for a lifetime. Xia Zhuo thought very simple, since he has come, he must do this thing well. , At least have an explanation to myself. Yi Zimeng regretted running out again, so Xia Zhuo had to let him sit here and don’t move. When he found An Lei, he would come back to pick him up.

Qi Peng found that the communication system with his superiors was malfunctioning, and found no abnormalities, so he could only stand by on the spot. It was getting dark, and Xia Zhuo was groping forward in the darkness, when someone suddenly appeared and asked him to answer the password. After two incorrect answers, Xia Zhuo was taken to the cave. Xia Zhuo was completely confused, and quickly reported Lu Zheng’s name, and said that he was willing to admit his mistake with Qi Peng. But Xia Zhuo did not expect that this was the 334 brigade, not the 270 brigade.

It is impossible for recruits to enter the cave depot, so even if Xia Zhuo explained repeatedly, the people of the 334th brigade would not believe it. Xia Zhuo was also worried about Yi Zimeng, so he hoped that they would go to him and talk to himself about the interruption of their communication. Seeing that the other party’s reaction was not quite right, Xia Zhuo realized that they were also conducting exercises.

Yi Zimeng was sent back to the 270th brigade by the 334th brigade. Xia Zhuo was still in the 334th brigade. Qi Peng and others finally discovered the problem. Xia Zhuo’s conjecture may be true. Yi Zimeng was sent to the psychological consultation room. Huang Wen hoped that he could explain the ins and outs clearly, why he did not want to be a soldier but still came. Yi Zimeng was reluctant to say that, Huang Wen once again told him that if he was retired, his hukou, personal credit and other records would carry the words “Refusal to Military Service” throughout his life.

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