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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 15 Racap

Zhao Rui’s father came to the Huanzhen Building to make trouble. Subei went to the downstairs to face off in person. Unexpectedly, Zhao’s father took the board and smashed it at the people without saying anything. Lu Nan protected Subei and took the board for her.

At that time, Huanzhen, the representative of Northern Jiangsu, and Rui Zhao, represented Gu, participated in the same design competition and entered the final at the same time. However, the two entries in the final were exactly the same. The organizer required both parties to show evidence that the work was not plagiarism. From the first draft to the final draft, it was well preserved. Originally, Zhao Rui’s plagiarism had already been confirmed, but she did not expect to commit suicide. Everyone thought she was proving her innocence by death, so public opinion reversed overnight. Everyone thought it was a plagiarism from northern Jiangsu. Zhao Rui was forced to death afterwards.

Yun Fan brought investigation news. Seven years ago, Sun Yulin and Zhao Rui, the final champion of the design competition, went out of the same door. When Subei and Zhao Rui were disqualified from the competition due to plagiarism, the champion fell to Sun Yulin. However, the strange thing is that after Sun Yulin won the championship, he had a better way out, but he chose to leave the fashion circle and open a restaurant.

Lu Nan found this Sun Yulin. This person knew the truth of the plagiarism incident that year, but he was unwilling to say it. Lu Nan had no choice but to design it so that he could experience what it was like to be misunderstood but could not argue. Sun Yulin reflected on himself and asked Lu Nan to give himself some time to think about it. Subei learned that Lu Nan had helped him find witnesses, and was very moved. The couple finally reconciled.

Huanzhen held a press conference on the so-called plagiarism incident in northern Jiangsu. Faced with eloquent questions from entertainment gossip reporters, he did not know how to answer the incident in northern Jiangsu. At this time, Sun Yulin and Zhao Rui’s father came to the scene, and Zhao’s father first asked Su Bei bowed and apologized, and then told the reporter that he had found out the truth and that the real copyist was not Subei, but his daughter Zhao Rui.

Seven years ago, Zhao’s father suddenly fell ill while Zhao Rui was participating in the competition. However, the Zhao family couldn’t afford to pay a huge amount of medical expenses for a while. At this time, a person found Zhao Rui, gave her Subei’s design draft, and told her if she wanted to. Copying the design plan of Subei will help pay for the medical expenses. Father Zhao took out a book which recorded a list of all the people who had donated money to them that year. Among them, Lu Feier’s name was clearly listed on it, and she “donated” the most money. Sun Yulin took out Zhao Rui’s final manuscript, which she had kept for many years. Before the final, Zhao Rui could not design a better work than Subei. In addition, her father was seriously ill. Under the temptation of money, she finally chose to plagiarize. Manuscripts of Northern Jiangsu.

Gu Yan recalled what happened in the office that year. At that time, Zhao Rui was convicted of plagiarism, and then Gu Yan found her and said that he would either compensate Gu for the loss or find evidence that he did not plagiarize. He also said that the public would only sympathize with the weak. . Zhao Rui committed suicide afterwards.

Lu Nan asked Lu Feier to question. Lu Feier admitted that he had manipulated the plagiarism in northern Jiangsu back then, saying that everything he did was to get Lu Nan. Lu Nan thought that this person was hopeless, so she told her to either leave the country or sever the relationship with her brother and sister. Lu Feier was very angry, and finally chose to leave pretended to be obedient. Huanzhen and Xia formally signed a cooperation agreement.

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