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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 49 Recap

Cao used to beg Liu E for his sister. Liu E knew very well that Cao used his loyalty and only strengthened

The guards of Cao’s Mansion did not punish too much. The situation outside the imperial city changed, Liu E received an urgent letter from Su Yijian, Ming Yenkan’s Zi Gong was about to return to Beijing. The day finally came, the death knell sounded, the white cloth was hung on the lantern, and the Chinese clothes changed to plain clothes. Wan’er fainted on the ground when she heard the heavy bell sound.

The ministers transported Zi Gong back to the city gate. Under the dim sky, everyone’s expression was more solemn than this dark cloud. Liu E knelt in the Buddhist hall, but the eunuch suddenly came to report and said that Wan’er also left. Liu E’s inner blow was even heavier.

When the ceremony was over, Liu E hurried to Wan’er’s bedroom. Once again in ten years, I saw the faces of the sisters, which turned out to be separated by heaven and humans. Liu E was crying in front of Wan’er’s bed. She always imagined that one day she would be able to live an ordinary and happy life with Wan’er, Yiyi He and Yuan Kan, but the situation in the palace was surging, and fate created a gap between the two. , Liu E touched Wan’er’s jade card, and thought of the smiles of the two, Liu E’s tears broke again…

Kou Zhun finally rushed to the capital, who knew that he saw the city full of plains, and then realized that the big thing was not good. The ministers were still kneeling in the mourning hall, but Liu E was nowhere to be seen. Su Yijian explained to Liu E that it was because of the death of the concubine Chen, but Mrs. Cao took the opportunity to speak coldly and tell everyone that Liu E was wrong.

This was caused by Cao on the sidelines. Use interruption. Hearing that Kou Zhun came to the mourning hall, Liu E hurried to see Kou Zhun’s tears of guilt and regret falling instantly. He knelt in front of Yuan Kan’s spiritual card, knocked on the hard stone slab, and knocked Liu E and Liu Ehe. In the hearts of everyone. Wang Qinruo and Ding Wei looked at each other coldly, but thought it was Kou Zhun’s one-man show. Liu E heard Kou Zhun’s words and loyal speeches, and was full of emotion. He knelt aside silently.

The ministers all heard Kou Zhun’s heartfelt words, and they all shed tears, but Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo were silent. The eunuch came to the report, saying that Princess Ji had a sudden abdominal pain. Wang Ji was very worried and dared to go to the princess from the mourning hall. Taifu Cao was embarrassed, but still did not say anything. Wang Qinruo suggested that since Yuan Kan did not leave a legacy, it is better to start drafting the edict now.

Su Yijian interrupted aloud, saying that Yuan Kan had once told himself the will of his will, and made Zhao Zhen the prince, and the queen listened to politics. Taifu Cao denied that he thought it was Su Yijian’s one-person word, but it was actually to help Liu E to listen to politics. But the ministers all agreed to Liu E’s decision to listen to the government. Taifu Cao was furious and Kou Zhun came forward and tried his best to oppose the Queen’s decision to listen to the government.

He insisted on finding the emperor’s edict and asked Zhang Jingzong to inquire. Sure enough, Zhang Jingzong didn’t know about the will, let alone the oral order Su Yijian said. At this time, Kou Zhun insisted that he needed to find the edict to follow. When I asked Zhang Jingzong again, it was just that Yuan Kan had been to the concubine Chen’s palace before leaving, and Kou Zhun suddenly realized that it must be handed over to the concubine Chen. He asked Liu E for permission to search the palace. Seeing Kou Zhun’s insistence, Liu E had to agree.

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