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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 14 Recap

When Liang Chen came to the live broadcast room, he was nervous when he heard that he was going to sit side by side with Lu Jing and play, for fear that she would be recognized as a small box by Lu Jing. Liang Chen became more nervous as soon as Lu Jing appeared at the door. Lu Jing deliberately reached out and took Liang Chen’s hand generously. Liang Chen’s excited and nervous hands were shaking. Lu Jing smiled and asked if Liang Chen was nervous? Of course Liang Chen couldn’t admit that he was nervous and shook his head, but the more so, the more nervous he became. Lu Jing comforted Liang Chen not to be nervous, he would take Liang Chen with him, and deliberately asked Liang Chen if he was afraid of being recognized? Liang Chen hurriedly shook his head.

The game started. Liang Chen and Lu Jing teamed up to live broadcast together. Jiayun quickly opened the live broadcast outside the field. He wanted to watch Liang Chen’s live broadcast. In the game, Lu Jing not only protected Liang Chen from injury, but also cooperated with Liang Chen tacitly. Lu Jing also brought Liang Chen to a strategic retreat, and then launched an attack in a place with many robots. The action was clean and the two people cooperated perfectly, and the robots were wiped out in an instant. Lu Jing stared at Liang Chen and praised her for her very handsome shooting posture. The two looked at each other and finally passed. Liang Chen and Lu Jing also smiled with a warm smile. Onlookers could see that they were weird. It seems to have different feelings.

The organizer thought that Liang Chen and Lu Jing were partners, and they cooperated so tacitly, and completed the task quickly. Liang Chen hurriedly explained that he did not team up with Lu Jing. Sister Qing found that Lu Jing had a vision of Liang Chen. The difference, Liang Chen hurriedly explained that it should be the senior sister and junior.

Taro also stalked and asked to play a game with Ma Shanshan, and Ma Shanshan warned Taro to play the game with the two of them. After she won, Taro could not pester her again. Ma Shanshan won quickly. Taro insisted to play another round, only to find that Ma Shanshan had blocked his WeChat. When he dialed the call, he found that it was blocked. Taro was not angry, but felt that Ma Shan. The mountain has its own personality.

The host of the live broadcast invited Lu Jing, Liang Chen, and Jia Yun to eat together. Lu Jing was very considerate and proactive to Liang Chen. When he left, he thoughtfully put his clothes on Liang Chen, and found that the buttons on Liang Chen’s clothes were open. If you got it, you took the initiative to attach it. The assistant persuaded Jiayun that if he liked Liang Chen, he should take the initiative to pursue it. Before Lu Jing left, Jiayun brought a piece of clothing to Liang Chen and invited Liang Chen to go out on weekends, but Liang Chen wanted to record the song. Rejected Jiayun.

Lu Jing reappeared when Jia transport Liang Chen left, and offered to take Liang Chen’s car back. Liang Chen had to agree, but when he was in the car, Lu Jing realized that he would not wear this kind of seat belt. Liang Chen Taking the initiative to help, the two people’s eyes met with different feelings in their hearts.

Jia Yun also went to Taro to inquire about the relationship between Liang Chen and Lu Jing, and admitted that he liked Liang Chen and was a very serious one. Taro couldn’t believe it and couldn’t help feeling that the world was crazy. At this time Liang Chen was meeting with Lu Jing in the game as a small box. Liang Chen proposed to play the little fire dragon, and Lu Jing deliberately teased Liang Chen that there is no little fire dragon. Liang Chen was angry about leaving, cursing thousands of times in his heart, strangling Lu Jing to death when he should wear a seat belt today. Lu Jing stopped Liang Chen, who was about to leave, and really summoned the little fire dragon, which made Liang Chen like it very much. He smiled happily when facing this cute little fire dragon.

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