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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 33 Recap

Li Xiang, fearing that Shen Xiaoyan would be unsafe at work, began to send her to and from get off work every day, hoping to recover Shen Xiaoyan. At the door of the company, Li Xiang recognized Gu Jiawei as Xinyue’s father, and took the initiative to greet him, saying that he was Li Feifan’s father. Gu Jiawei’s colleague saw it, and it made Gu Jiawei feel very embarrassed. He asked Shen Xiaoyan for a word and was not allowed to stay in front of the company.

Su Xing and He Jinghua were waiting for Teacher Jia in the dining room. They looked at Kunhui’s school profile and were happy to think that their children would be able to attend this school immediately. Teacher Jia came and took out the contract to let Su Xing and He Jinghua sign, but Su Xing did not see the ID number of Teacher Jia on the contract. Teacher Jia deliberately said that he would make up later. If things are not done, the money will be refunded. To them. When I wake up, I feel relieved, thinking that my child will be able to enter Kunhui soon.

Xiaomei’s mother ran to Weiyun and sent the test papers she got from Miying to other mothers, saying that Weiyun couldn’t match it. Other mothers followed suit, caring very much about their children’s grades, thinking that Miying’s learning method was the right one, and wanted to post this test paper in the group so that Lin Yunyun could take a good look.

Gu Jiawei took the winning teacher Tian to Weiyun. The mothers were very happy. Gu Jiawei wanted to rectify Weiyun himself, because Xinyue had learned English for so many years, but he didn’t even get a place in the English sorority competition. He only values ​​the result in his eyes. Lin Yunyun was very angry, thinking that Gu Jiawei didn’t say hello to herself, so she brought the teacher of Miying over. Gu Jiawei checked the accounts by the way and found that Li Feifei had not paid the tuition, so Lin Yunyun immediately expelled him, saying that Weiyun was not a charity.

Seeing that Xiwang did not have a ranking, he requested that Xiwang not be exempted from the exam in the future. Lin Yunyun has no way to influence Gu Jiawei’s thoughts. She is particularly uncomfortable with Gu Jiawei’s doing so, because Gu Jiawei wants to make Weiyun an enhanced version of seeking to win, and everything is based on rankings.

Shen Xiaoyan knew that Gu Jiawei would not allow Li Feifei to continue studying at Weiyun. After thinking about it for a long time, she asked Gu Jiawei to intercede and said that she could work again for free, but hoped that Li Feifei could stay in Weiyun. Gu Jiawei looked down on people and said that this was Weiyun’s rules that could not be broken. Shen Xiaoyan wanted to make up for the tuition, but Gu Jiawei believed that she was incapable, and accused Li Fei Feifei of being a naive child, making her mother work so hard to study in such an expensive training institution.

Shen Xiaoyan suddenly became popular. She opened the books on the table and said that Gu Jiawei had no right to accuse her children. She also said that she most looked down on a man who looked down upon him. Gu Jiawei was so angry that he couldn’t refute it.

Shen Xiaoyan cried very sad, and Lin Yunyun took out the red envelope to express her compensation. Shen Xiaoyan didn’t make Lin Yunyun embarrassed and didn’t want to accept the money. She just woke up after stuffing the red envelope into Shen Xiaoyan’s hand. Awakening told Lin Yunyun to stop pretending, Lin Yunyun confessed that Gu Jiawei usually has a bad temper and stingy. He can’t control his thoughts, and even Xinyue’s favorite piano can’t continue to learn. Su Xing wondered how this secret was leaked, but He Jinghua didn’t expect it to be said.

He Jinghua was changed to another class by Lin Yunyun because of Siyuan’s mischief. She felt unbalanced, so she told Gu Jiawei these things. He Jinghua returned home and complained to Jiang Bo, saying that Su Xing actually accused her. The two talked about the misappropriation of Zi Ning’s overseas expenses to Siyuan to buy places in prestigious schools, and Zi Ning overheard. Zi Ning was very angry, thinking that He Jinghua didn’t care about herself, just because she was a girl.

Wake up feeling that he shouldn’t say He Jinghua, and made a lot of delicious snacks for Siyuan. But when He Jinghua saw the waking car, he immediately turned and walked away with Siyuan. Su Xing came to Weiyun with Xi Wang and found that Teacher Zhang actually asked the children to do test papers. The other mothers were also very happy, thinking that Weiyun should be like Mi Win, learning is to do more questions.

Lin Yunyun was reluctant, but still asked her assistant to tear off the painting on the wall. Su Xing felt sorry for her, knowing that she had devoted a lot of effort to Wei Yun, and was ruined by Gu Jiawei. Lin Yunyun resisted the tears, she had no right to speak. Wake up to let her not be too sad, but said that if Weiyun continues to do this, he will not let Xiwang stay here, worrying that his pressure will increase.

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