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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 32 Recap

Su Xing thinks that if Xi Wang can enter Kunhui Elementary School, it will definitely help him a lot. She couldn’t make up her mind, so she talked to Ding Lan. Ding Lan thinks this is an opportunity. If Teacher Jia is a liar, he will be a loss of money, but if it is true, it is a pity that money cannot be bought. Su Xing thinks so too, hoping that Ding Lan will keep her secret and not tell Xi Bin.

Teacher Jia promised to meet Su Xing and He Jinghua, hypocritically saying that art schools are expensive. The payment this time is just a sponsorship fee, which is very popular in foreign countries. As long as the sponsorship fee is paid, children can enter these good schools. But after all, it is expensive. Ask the two mothers to think carefully before making a decision. He Jinghua thought that Teacher Jia had told the truth, and he was very at ease, so that he would not give this opportunity to others.

Uncle Zou’s football club opened, but business has been sluggish. He talked to Xi Bin that he would never give up this club easily. This is his dream. Xi Bin said that he could lend money to Uncle Zou, and he has always supported him. Uncle Zou told him not to worry about this matter, so he took it.

When he returned home, Xi Bin wanted to find the 200,000 deposit he had saved before, and wanted to lend the money to Uncle Zou for emergency. But Su Xing wanted to use the money to Teacher Jia as a sponsorship fee for entering Kunhui. After Xi Bin knew it, he thought that waking up was whimsical, even if he didn’t give the money to Uncle Zou, he shouldn’t use the money for sponsorship fees. It was unreliable at first. Su Xing thinks that now one is Xi Bin’s brother and the other is Xi Bin’s son. Who is the most important, let Xi Bin think clearly. The two ignored each other because of this, and Xi Bin didn’t want to argue with Su Xing.

At breakfast in the morning, Xi Bin and Su Xing did not speak, Xi Wang saw the clue, and asked Su Xing if she had a quarrel, and told her the kindergarten teacher taught her that the quarrel should be reconciled quickly. Su Xing went to Uncle Zou alone and said that he was very embarrassed, because the family continued to use a certain amount of money, so there was no way to lend that amount to Uncle Zou.

Uncle Zou was embarrassed when he heard that, thinking it was Xi Bin who didn’t tell him clearly about the family affairs, he turned around and called Xi Bin on the phone, asking him not to transfer money to himself. When Xi Bin found out, he went home and accused him of waking up, thinking that she shouldn’t find Uncle Zou behind her back. This would make herself very embarrassed. Anyway, she had already transferred 200,000 to Uncle Zou.

Uncle Zou received the transfer from Xi Bin, and Ding Lan said that he shouldn’t do this. Now the couple who wake up must be quarreling, and they will return the money to the wake up two days later. After receiving the money, Su Xing wanted to send a message to tell Xi Bin, but she did not send it out. Instead, she thought Xi Bin was always running for Uncle Zou’s football club and sent out football leaflets during work hours. Xi Bin didn’t want to quarrel with her, Zi Ning suggested to Xi Bin that he could put the leaflet in the takeaway and spread the net.

Xiaomei’s mothers spoke ill of Weiyun behind the other mothers in the parent group, thinking that Lin Yunyun’s educational philosophy was problematic. Xinyue’s spoken English was originally good, but none of them won the award. Compared with the past, Miying’s teaching level has always surpassed Weiyun, thinking that Weiyun always cares about quality education. If this continues, there will be no renewal. Lin Yunyun was embarrassed, and she woke up and stood up to speak for her, thinking that when everyone came to Weiyun, she hoped that her children could grow up healthy and happy.

Li Xiang sent Shen Xiaoyan to Gu Jiawei’s company and saw that Gu Jiawei was Xinyue’s father, so he kindly stepped forward to say hello. However, Gu Jiawei believed that people like him had lowered his grade, and was seen by his colleagues, accusing Shen Xiaoyan of not bringing people around during working hours to chat.

Teacher Jia brought the contract and asked them to sign the contract. After seeing that there was no ID number on it, Teacher Jia said that he would fill in the contract and let them sign first. After He Jinghua and Su Xing signed the letters, they were relieved to give the money to Teacher Jia, and waited for him to send their children to prestigious schools. Teacher Jia said that if it is not done, the money will definitely be refunded to them.

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