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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 2 Recap

Fu Rou was taken aback by Sheng Chumu. Yan Zifang saw that there was an outsider and left. Sheng Chumu quickly explained that he was watching the stars. Fu Rou was dubious and did not argue with him. She turned around and went back to the yard. He sent out flowers to Fu Rou, but Fu Rou said that the flowers would soon wither away from the branches. He did not accept Sheng Chumu’s flowers, and asked Sheng Chumu to stay away from her yard when stargazing in the future. Sheng Chumu ate them. Being behind closed doors was not discouraged, vowing to feel that Fu Rou would fall into his own hands sooner or later.

The next day Fu Rou was busy in Xiufang. Fu Rou’s father sent someone to invite her to a banquet in the garden. Sheng Chumu also looked forward to Fu Rou’s arrival. When Fu Rou came, he hurried to show her hospitality in front of Fu Rou. The husband Xu Youtong also came. Xu Youtong was also the magistrate of Guangzhi County. He bowed to Sheng Chumu and Fu Rou’s father and took the seat. Sheng Chumu asked Fu Rou what kind of person he liked, and Fu Rou returned it. Without answering, Fu Tao said that it was impossible to say what kind of people Fu Rou liked, but Fu Rou hated the unlearned dude the most, and Sheng Chumu brazenly said that she also hated the dude the most.

In order to show off in front of Fu Rou, Sheng Chumu danced his sword in front of everyone. Everyone admired him, but Fu Tao dismissed him, saying that Sheng Chumu has his own appearance, and he can beat Sheng Chumu. So he had to compete with Sheng Chumu. When Sheng Chumu saw Fu Tao being beaten by Fu Rou yesterday, he confidently felt that he could beat Fu Tao. In the end, Sheng Chumu was defeated by Fu Tao. On the ground, he was ugly in public.

Sheng Chumu suffered a loss, and was very dissatisfied with Fu Tao. He wanted to take care of Fu Tao. The third wife asked Fu Tao to make an apology for Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu didn’t want to let Fu Tao go, but he saw that Fu Rou was here. When he walked, he immediately turned his face to help Fu Tao, and said that she would not bully others, and even asked Fu Tao how to punch. Fu Rou heard Sheng Chumu’s words outside the door, not knowing that this was what he said deliberately to please herself. Yes, I really changed Sheng Chumu, thinking that he was very generous.

Lu Yunji was named as Guogong Cai for his meritorious deeds in rebellion, and Lu Qi was also named a general for making military exploits. The emperor hosted a banquet in the palace to entertain the officials. Sheng Xiaojing was a little unconvinced. However, Ji mentioned the dude Sheng Chumu, which poke Sheng Xiaojing’s sore spot, leaving Sheng Xiaojing speechless. The emperor comforted Sheng Xiaojing with a few words, but Sheng Xiaojing suddenly asked to marry Princess Xinnan for Sheng Chumu. The emperor knew that Sheng Chumu’s dude was unwilling to marry her daughter to Sheng Chumu, so he changed the subject and asked Sheng Xiaojing not to mention it.

Here, Sheng Chumu was still in Guangzhou trying his best to please Fu Rou. Fu Yin and Fu Rou came to Sheng Chumu for advice on calligraphy. Sheng Chumu refused to write for a long time, and even went to wash his hands under the pretext of dirty hands. Fu Rou thought that Sheng Chu Mu’s calligraphy and martial arts are both fake. Sheng Chumu was a little unconvinced when he heard these words outside the door, so he came back and sat down and wrote the words “self-improvement”. When Fu Rou saw this, she blamed herself and thought she was too arbitrary.

I misunderstood Sheng Chumu, but in fact, Sheng Chumu only has these four words. After passing the blunder, Fu Tao suddenly passed by with this book of warfare, and he also asked Sheng Chumu for advice. Sheng Chumu gave a few words as an expert, and asked Fu Tao to learn Sun Tzu’s art of war first, and then learn other things. Tao asked him if he could teach himself. Fu Rou also pleaded. Sheng Chumu naturally couldn’t refuse, but he took the opportunity to make a request.

First of all, he asked Fu Rou to change her name, and she was not allowed to call Shengda Langjun, Fu Rou. He agreed, and the second condition was to kiss Fu Rou. Sheng Chumu suddenly said what was in her heart. Fu Rou was a little surprised, but Jun Hui hurriedly explained that Sheng Chumu meant to give Fu Rou. Rou’s delicious dim sum was confused, and Sheng Chumu asked Fu Rou to embroider a sachet for herself.

Sheng Chumu agreed to Fu Rou to teach Fu Tao the art of war, but he knew nothing about the art of war, and he couldn’t teach Fu Tao, so Du Ning gave him an idea, saying that Sheng Chumu’s uncle Niu Wudi is nearby, and Niu Wudi is proficient For Fu Rou, Sheng Chumu had no choice but to find Niu Wudi for help. Although Niu Wudi knew that Sheng Chumu was learning the art of war for women, Niu Wudi had long wanted to pass his own art of war to Sheng Chumu.

Now that Sheng Chumu came to the door by himself, he naturally wouldn’t let Sheng Chumu go. After catching Sheng Chumu, Niu Wudi conducted devil training on him. After training, Niu Wudi discovered that although Sheng Chumu was not educated since childhood, he was gifted and talented. After training for long, Sheng Chumu gave him his grandson. The art of war is backside down, and he can shoot upside down and hit the rope tied to the pillar.

During Sheng Chumu’s training days, Fu Rou had almost embroidered the sachet, and took the Fu family’s account book back. Sheng Chumu was trained for a while and wanted to break through the barrier and finally passed the barrier. , Sheng Chumu quickly left with Junhui and returned to Fu’s house. When Fu Rou learned that Sheng Chumu was back, she hurriedly had someone bring the sachet and needles. She wanted to embroider the sachet quickly for Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu sat in front of Fu Rou’s courtyard and taught Fu Tao’s art of war, Fu Tao Seeing that Sheng Chumu’s soul was not at home, she comforted him and said that Fu Rou had been waiting for Sheng Chumu these days, indicating that she was still a little bit interested in Sheng Chumu.

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