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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 1 Recap

Sheng Chumu is the son of Lu Guogong Sheng Xiaojing, but unlike his father, Sheng Xiaojing has spent half his life on horses and has achieved great feats in battle, but Sheng Chumu is a dude who has no learning and skill, and makes trouble. On this day, he and Lu Yunji His son, Lu Qi, had a fight to pity Yan’er for Yan Huilou’s first card, and he lost the fight. Sheng Xiaojing was so angry that he chased Sheng Chumu with a stick and fought.

At this time, Sheng Chumu’s sister, Princess Han He rushed to persuade him, but Sheng Chumu talked about the unrest in the frontier. His Majesty thought that Sheng Xiaojing was already old, so he let Lu Yunji become the leader.

This is adding fuel to the fire, and Princess Han can’t stop it. Sheng Chumu sees The situation was not good, so he ran outside the house, and it happened that his friend Duning’s carriage stopped at the door, and Sheng Chumu hurriedly got into Duning’s car and escaped. Du Ning’s cousin got married. He was going to Guangzhou Daoxi. He originally came to find Sheng Chumu to say goodbye. When Sheng Chumu heard this, he planned to go to Guangzhou with Du Ning, just to hide Sheng Xiaojing’s anger.

Sheng Chumu and Du Ning arrived at the Chen Mansion in Guangzhou. Aunt Du Ning, Mrs. Chen, hurried out to greet him. Today is married to Fu Rou, the daughter of the second wife of the Fu family. The second wife was crying aside, and the third wife of the Fu family was still sneered and sneered at the opportunity. Asking for the Fu family account book, Fu Rou was not angry, and asked her maid, Ziyun, to give the account book to the third wife of the Fu family.

Fu Rou was about to leave the house, and Fu Jun, the eldest sister of the Fu family, told Fu Rou to change her son to the Chen family and stop doing what she used to be at home. Here Mrs. Chen is pulling Du Ning to spit out bitterness. Actually, she didn’t want Fu Rou to enter the door. She only agreed to this marriage because of her son Chen You’s pleading. She also thought that Fu Rou would clean her up after entering the door and talk. Then, a maid came to report that someone had posted a note on the wall saying that Fu Rou was not innocent.

Madam Chen happened to take this trouble to retire. Du Ning saw that Madam Chen did not like Fu Rou, and Chen You He wasn’t a gentleman, and he didn’t stop him, letting Madam Chen keep Fu Rou out of the door. Madam Chen also asked to verify Fu Rou’s innocent body on the spot. Fu Rou tested her body. The woman who examined Fu Rou said that Fu Rou was innocent body. Madam Chen was dumbfounded, and Fu Rou committed suicide because of humiliation and went outside. When the stone lion hit him, Sheng Chumu stepped forward to rescue Fu Rou.

Fu Rou didn’t stay too much, and returned to Fu Mansion with Ziyun. The second lady cried and cried all morning, feeling that Fu Rou had suffered a great grievance, but Fu Rou seemed indifferent. In fact, those papers and notes on the street.

The idea of ​​the body examination outside the gate was planned by Fu Rou. She actually knew that her family had always wanted to marry a high-ranking official in order to seek wealth, but she was unwilling to do so because she would not be easily As a bargaining chip to marry out, the eldest sister Fu Jun learned the truth and was very helpless to Fu Rou. She mentioned the five thousand beauties that Fu Rou had asked for from the Chen family.

Fu Rou said that because of lack of money, she made this decision. As he got higher and higher, the Fu family was already a little bit unable to make ends meet. But at this time, something happened to Fu Tao. Fu Tao killed someone in the field. The victim’s family claimed five thousand guan, otherwise Fu Tao would have to pay for it. In fact, Fu Rou had a childhood sweetheart named Yan Zifang.

The Yan family had a good relationship with the Fu family, and the two married Fu Rou and Yan Zifang. But because the Yan family offended Lu Yunji’s family, the family was in trouble, and Yan Zifang was also caught After driving away, the marriage between the two is gone. Fu Rou has been obsessed with Yan Zifang for so many years.

At this time, Madam Chen ran to the Fu’s house to ask for someone. She aggressively asked the second wife to hand him over. Fu Rou bowed to Madam Chen, saying that she had suffered a great humiliation. According to the law of Tang, she was wronged at her husband’s house, and the woman can avoid it. In her natal family, Madam Chen was so angry that she asked Fu Rou to return the gift, but Fu Rou said that she was the third matchmaker and six prostitutes of the Chen family and marrying a regular wife. He also moved out of Tang Law, saying that if Chen You dared to accept a concubine, he would wear a wedding gown to the Chen Mansion and let Chen You meet the officials. Fu Rou made sharp remarks, and Madam Chen couldn’t say a word.

Since meeting Fu Rou, Sheng Chumu has never forgotten Fu Rou. He also deliberately took his servant Junhui to visit Fu’s house with the intention of getting close to Fu Rou. Sheng Chumu made up a lie and said that he wanted to die. The nurse recognized a relative, so she recognized the third wife as her aunt, and the third wife stayed with Sheng Chumu.

The third wife knew the identity of Sheng Chumu, and quickly told her daughter Fu Yin to behave in front of Sheng Chumu at the banquet, and it would be best to climb the high branches of the Sheng family. Fu Rou didn’t go to the banquet, but waited for Fu Tao to come back and gave him a good lesson. Fu Tao quickly explained that he didn’t mean to cause trouble, it was an accident that caused his life, and Fu Rou relieved a little.

After Fu Rou taught Fu Tao, she suddenly heard the eagle flute, which Yan Zifang liked to play when she was a child. She thought it was Yan Zifang who gave her a dream. Yan Zifang was inconvenient to show up. She secretly looked at Fu Rou in the dark and spied on her. Fu Rou’s Sheng Chumu also heard Fu Rou miss Yan Zifang, and listened to him suddenly slipping from the tree and falling in front of Fu Rou.

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