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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 9 Recap

Tian Yulan learned through friends that if you want to enter Hanlin Middle School, you must first strive to be a class committee to get the school’s approval. It just so happens that Fengfan Primary School is about to be re-elected. Tian Yulan wanted to find Zhang Xueer to be transparent, but was rejected by Zhang Xueer and persuaded her in turn. Yan Ziyou should be allowed to fight hard. Zhang Xueer explained the matter to Zhong Yi after school. The two discussed the seriousness of setting a precedent, and at the same time believed that such a mistake should never be made.

Xia Huanhuan was worried that she would lose the election because of the decline in her academic performance. After all, she was the deputy monitor since the first grade, and it has been several years. If she suddenly loses the election, she will be laughed at. Nan Li believes that Xia Huanhuan can sing and dance and has a good personality. The selection of monitors by classmates naturally depends on popularity, and grades will not be the only criterion that affects the results.

In order to enable her son to run for class cadres smoothly, Tian Yulan made full preparations in advance. On the one hand, she formed an alliance with several other parents targeting Hanlin Middle School and encouraged them to let their children vote for Yan Ziyou. At the same time, they promised to share resources and respond to requests. ; On the other hand, Tian Yulan personally manipulated Yan Ziyou’s speech, revising it three or four times until he was satisfied, and then supervised Yan Ziyou to keep the content of the manuscript in mind, and express it with emotion.

Yan Ziyou was forced by his mother to have no choice but to memorize the declaration. Until the day of the class cadre’s election, he stammered all the way and finally ended the speech. He became the new deputy squad leader with an advantage of eight votes. As for Xueba Mi Tao was expected by everyone and was elected as the monitor.

Xia Huanhuan lost the election to the class committee because of two votes. She couldn’t help hiding in the corner and crying bitterly. Zhang Xueer saw the clue, but she couldn’t tell her clearly in front of the children, so she stayed with Xia Huanhuan, patiently comforting her not to be discouraged because of losing the election. After all, there are many strengths in itself, and we can continue to strive for everyone’s approval in the future.

When school was over, Dad Mitao came to pick up his daughter from school. He didn’t expect other students to be extremely enthusiastic towards him, but he was a little uncomfortable. Xia Huanhuan kept crying at home. When Zhao Na learned of the incident, she was angry and scolded Tian Yulan’s family for not being a good thing. Three generations had a habit of “grabbing”, the old robbing men and fathers, and the small cadres.

Xia Huanhuan insisted that losing was related to the decline in grades, so she strongly urged to go to the selective competition class. Through this incident, Nan Li concluded that Tian Yulan was behind the scenes. Xia Junshan couldn’t see her daughter being sad. However, there was no room in the competition class. Mi Tao’s mother was a little uneasy when she saw this, so she hurried to apologize to Nan Li and the others.

On the other side, Tian Yulan can’t wait to take out the class committee logo prepared beforehand, and send a photo of Yan Ziyou to the parent group to show off. When Zhong Yi heard that Yan Ziyou was the deputy head of the squad, he was a little unhappy, and casually mentioned that he would wear small shoes for the students, but when Zhang Xueer heard this, he immediately criticized Zhong Yi as a teacher and should not blame the contradictions of adults on the children.

The students with poor academic performance in the class did not participate in the voting. The parents disclosed to Nan Li privately about the group of the parents of the school hegemony. Nan Li couldn’t understand the parents mingling in and destroying the principle of fairness. It is obvious that the children’s world is very simple and cheated These people are complicated and deceitful. Xia Junshan participated in the alumni gathering and took the initiative to talk with Zhong Yi about the change of term. Although Zhong Yi was embarrassed by Xia Huanhuan, he was no longer in school, so he simply said that Yan Ziyou entered the gold medal class with a strong relationship.

Xia Junshan went to find Yan Peng for a boxing. During the period, he mentioned about the gold medal class and planned to let Yan Peng help. Yan Peng knew the truth, but did not dare to tell Xia Junshan the truth. Seeing that Xia Huanhuan was still sad about this incident, Nan Li simply took her to ride the Ferris wheel and took the initiative to talk about the shock of her parents’ divorce when she was a child. She also hoped that her daughter would understand that no matter what happened, there would be family members behind her back and love forever. she was.

Zhang Xueer personally made the ballot box and suggested that the students write down what they or others did for the class, and then read it out after the weekly class meeting. In this way, Zhang Xueer wants everyone to understand that the class committee is not a privilege, but a collective honor that can serve the class. Everyone is a member of honor.

Tian Yulan saw the quarterly promotion plan issued by Nan Li, and publicly satirized her for revenge. Faced with Tian Yulan’s doubts, Nan Li responded calmly and calmly, allowing the executives present to experience the pros and cons by themselves. After the meeting, Tian Yulan criticized Nan Li’s behavior in the office and asked her to change the promotion plan. However, Nan Li’s point of view was reasonable and was not afraid at all.

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