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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 17 Recap

Fengfan Primary School held a “Parent Campus” activity. The children expressed their true feelings, Huanhuan publicly confessed that Dad is his hero; Mi Tao expressed his warm wishes and hoped that the family would stay together; Ziyou cried. Said to Tian Yulan, “I think my mother doesn’t care about me, she only cares about me with good academic performance”. Tian Yulan was very lost. At Nanli’s family, Zhenjunshan didn’t want his daughter to fall behind or be wronged in choosing the number. He decided to go to class for Huanhuan, but the beauty was fleeting. Xia Junshan couldn’t understand the seemingly simple question.

Over and over again, Huanhuan would still make mistakes again and again, Xia Junshan’s voice became louder and louder, and his tone became increasingly anxious. Tian Yulan and Ziyou went to a fast food restaurant and talked to Ziyou about part-time work when he was young, hoping that Ziyou would understand the painstaking care of being a parent. In the end, Tian Yulan won the second prize in the Olympiad in the “Select Cup” and can play football for half an hour every day, breaking the deadlock in the relationship between mother and child.

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