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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 16 Recap

Tian Yulan tried to pull Nan Li, the client, to find Manager Cui Chosu together, and wanted to make this matter small and serious by way of understanding between the parents and Chosu. Tian Yulan sets up a Hongmen banquet and invites Nan Jianlong to be a guest, hoping to persuade Nan Li. Nan Li didn’t want to pay attention. Zhong Yi, as a client, didn’t care about it. In any case, at first, as long as he admits a mistake and apologizes, he can solve the problem, but his delay in expressing his attitude also represents his attitude. Nan Li believes that the education department must be trusted.

Tian Yulan is in a hurry to go to the doctor. The education department intervened, and Chosen quickly terminated the contract with Zhong Yihe’s competition class teacher Chen, and the gold medal class was suspended. The video controversy continued to Tian Yulan’s home. Yan Peng’s parents saw the news when they were swiping their mobile phones. They later realized that their baby grandson had also been abused by a few others, and rushed to his son’s house to question Tian Yulan. Tian Yulan quarreled with her in-laws, and Yan Peng did not stand on Tian Yulan’s side this time.

Tian Yulan ran away from home sadly. Tian Yulan was going to find a quick hotel for one night. As soon as he opened the room, he received various notices from the Ziyou school group. She missed her son in her heart, even though she was still angry, her feet had already unknowingly stepped on the way home. Zhang Xueer warned Zhong Yi, and emphasized that being a teacher carries the growth of a child, and that is to walk cautiously on thin ice.

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