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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 13 Recap

Soon the school conducted another exam, and the short-term crash training with a few selections showed off this time, and Huanhuan’s results soon fell off the team. Xia Junshan felt that it was necessary to add more code to Huanhuan, and both Chinese and English should be reported. Others would learn what Huanhuan learned. Mi Tao’s English and Chinese have also regressed significantly in this test. Mi Tao’s oral English is not good, and her parents are very anxious because they cannot adapt to the situational reading and composition of Chinese. Mi Tao’s parents went to select the number to consult the English and Chinese expansion class. The cost of the number of lessons is not cheap. If you add two courses, even if Zhong Yi applied for a discount for all employees, the high cost will make the Mitao family very difficult. Is hesitating.

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