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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 12 Recap

Selective Manager Cui received calls from three parties. They were all students from the same competition class, but the number of places in the competition class was indeed limited. Manager Cui was like a big enemy. Huanhuan finally entered the math selection competition class as he wished. Choosing’s power as a trump card training institution soon became apparent.

Huanhuan made significant progress in learning, and finally returned to the middle echelon in mathematics, and his mood improved a lot. Nan Li’s family continued to laugh and laugh. Xia Junshan intends to ease the relationship between Nan Li and Nan Jianlong, and proposes that a family of three take Nan Jianlong to the amusement park on weekends. Nan Li was afraid that Zhao Na would be too worried, so she was vaccinated in advance when she went to visit Zhao Na.

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