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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 11 Recap

Nan Jianlong went straight to Nanli Company to apologize to his daughter, saying that he would try his best to help Huanhuan get a place. Nan Li really couldn’t accept his father’s elbow abduction and was very angry with him, but seeing his old and sick appearance, he was heartened. Can’t bear it. Nan Li and Xia Junshan reflected that because Ziyou entered the gold medal class and squeezed out Huanhuan’s deputy squad leader, the strong contrast, coupled with the special relationship between the two families, caused the adults and children to lose control of their mentality during this period of time. reason.

Wei Nuan’s counter supervisor came to ask Tian Yulan for help. Normally, Wei Nuan’s market materials should have been sent out at this time, but they have not arrived yet. Tian Yulan believes that Nan Li is “reporting her private revenge. If the anniversary celebration materials are not in place, her job may not be guaranteed. Tian Yulan has to soften her waist and ask her parents-in-law to choose a few to fulfill the promise of the last batch of desks and chairs, in exchange for another one. Places for competition classes.

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