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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 30 Recap

Lian Xuan was so drunk that he planted one head in the grass. When he woke up, he saw Xiaoqing standing by his side, like a dream, not a dream, and he didn’t have time to want to hug the other person directly in his arms. Xiaoqing ridiculed Lian Xuan and always complained that Jin Xingjian was too affair with his children, but he was dazzled by love, and even wanted to be decadent.

Compared with the current buying drunk and sad, Xiaoqing believes that Lian Xuan should reinvigorate and at the same time dispel the hatred of Jin Xingjian and Ye Ming, because the real behind-the-scenes murderer is Yu Shaobai. As long as he lives in the world for one more day, many people will follow. Suffer. Lian Xuan gradually fell into thought because of Xiao Qing’s words, Xiao Qing promised that he would come back sooner or later, looking forward to the day of reunion.

With Xiaoqing’s departure, Lian Xuan was completely awake. He walked to the door of Huaxuezhai in despair, and happened to see Ye Ming opening the door. Ye Ming knew that Lian Xuan hated him and would not accept an apology at all, so he entrusted Jin Xingjian to Lian Xuan and went to the lair alone to find Yu Shaobai.

Seeing Ye Ming’s distant back, Lian Xuan was a little at a loss. She wanted to let her go to death cruelly, but thought that if Ye Ming died, Jin Xingjian would lose hope of life. On the other side, Ye Ming offered to make a deal with Yu Shaobai, willing to exchange half a pearl for the seal of Jin Xingjian.

Yu Shaobai considered that Jin Xingjian was afraid that he was connected with Ye Ming Yuanshen, so he agreed to Ye Ming’s request. Just as he threw his seal to Ye Ming and was about to absorb the other half of Ye Ming Pearl, he didn’t expect Ye Ming to suddenly make a move, wanting to have a dead fish. At the critical moment, Jin Xingjian rushed to stop him in time, but the Pearl of He had entered Shaobai’s body and merged with the other half.

Through the combined attack of Jin Xingjian and Lian Xuan, Yu Shaobai gradually fell under the wind. Jin Xingjian used eight seals to suppress his mana, eventually trapping him in the formation. Because of this formation, Yu Shaobai was not Jin Xingjian’s opponent at all, and was quickly defeated by him. Before he could react, the fused pearl flew out of his body and entered Ye Ming’s body.

Lian Xuan took the opportunity to drew his sword and stab Yu Shaobai, but he didn’t expect Yu Shaobai to leave a wild statement before his death, indicating that everything was just beginning. Jin Xingjian didn’t know what he meant, and his heart was vaguely disturbed. As Yu Shaobai’s soul flew away, black snow drifted from the sky to various places. The villagers under the mountain all watched and shocked the wonder, but they didn’t know what the omen was.

Ye Ming fell into a coma again, and Jin Xingjian blamed himself for guilt and settled her in the crypt. Lian Xuan planned to leave Shanghai and hurried to drink tea with him for the last time before leaving. He bid farewell and reminded Jin Xingjian to take good care of his seal. He did not want to hear about Jin Xingjian’s death one day.

Since Lian Xuan left, there are only Jin Xingjian and Ye Ming left in Hua Xuezhai. Jin Xingjian stays with Ye Ming every day, telling her interesting things outside. Although Ye Ming never responded, Jin Xingjian still wouldn’t give up, and even bought her an engagement ring, promising to have a grand wedding when she woke up.

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Ming spoke suddenly and slowly opened his eyes. The past thousand years have been too long, and Ye Ming was reluctant to wait for Jin Xingjian, so the first time she woke up, she leaned over and kissed. The lovers finally got married and found each other’s heart. That night, Ye Ming accompanied Jin Xingjian to watch the starry sky, and agreed to wait for him to survive the thunder and roam the world together, looking forward to the beauty of the future.

In the following days, an epidemic broke out in the south of Shanghai. Many people were recruited one after another. Even Ye Qingchun was also infected. After Ye Qingchun was sent to the hospital, his body became weaker and weaker, and Ye Lina was distressed looking at her brother’s haggard appearance. Originally, Ye Ming and Jin Xingjian were going to watch a movie, but as soon as they walked to the door, they heard the phone ringing from the room, and it turned out that Ye Lina called for help.

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