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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 16 Recap

Zou Cheng took the initiative to be soft, and brought Song Ziyan new shoes. As for the quarrel last night, he didn’t mean to apologize at all. At the same time, Su Yang was rushing for a draft at home, and suddenly received a call from You Sijia, suggesting that he could create a cartoon about the animal protection city according to his own hobbies. However, Su Yang only cared about his work and didn’t listen to what You Sijia said, but just responded casually.

The Ministry of New Energy held a test drive meeting. Everyone failed to come up with an innovative plan that was eye-catching. Only Shen Ruoxin put forward a bold idea. After the test drive meeting is over, the company will organize a collective outdoor stargazing activity to fit in Environmental theme. Xu Minjie agreed with Shen Ruoxin’s point of view, and planned to take her to pick a spot after get off work.

Due to the previous situation, Shen Ruoxin was worried that being alone would be a little embarrassing, so he wanted Qi Xiao to go with her. It happened that Qi Xiao had this intention, so the two followed Xu Minjie to a high-end club and they could see through the telescope on the roof. The vast galaxy. However, Xu Minjie belongs to the elites who stand at the top, and most of the people are still living at the bottom. Shen Ruoxin hopes to hold a more down-to-earth event, so that everyone can blend into this atmosphere and feel the gifts of the stars.

While Xu Minjie and Shen Ruoxin were watching the stars on the rooftop, Qi Xiao took the initiative to chat with the guardian uncle, and smoothly inquired about a more suitable place to care about. After Xu Minjie left, Qi Xiao took Shen Ruoxin to the star-gazing spot. Not only did it have a broad view, it was more simple and natural than the magnificent and magnificent clubhouse.

The next morning, Shen Ruoxin personally reported to Xu Minjie about the stargazing spot he discovered last night. Although Xu Minjie liked it very much, he did not express his happiness. It was entirely because Qi Xiaozhi did not report it. When Xu Minjie sent Shen Ruoxin home, she happened to catch up with Shen’s mother to throw out the garbage, and could not help but doubt the relationship between him and his daughter.

Mother Shen couldn’t help but talk to Shen Ruoxin, and she was finally relieved to learn that she was with Qi Xiao last night. Because Shen’s mother asked Qi Xiao to come home for dinner in advance, Qi Xiao spent the whole day staring at the time waiting to get off work. Finally, she could pack up and leave. She did not expect that Shen Ruoxin still had work to do and needed to postpone the time to go home.

Considering that she and Shen Ma agreed to buy food after get off work, Qi Xiao could only leave the company first and purchase in the supermarket with great excitement. Mother Shen called Teacher Wang and her daughter, and planned to arrange a blind date at home, so she asked Qi Xiao to perform well and strive to finalize the relationship between the two today.

When Qi Xiao heard these words of Shen’s mother, she mistakenly thought it was referring to her and Shen Ruoxin’s affairs, so she worked harder, until she carried vegetables into the house and saw the mother and daughter sitting on the sofa, she understood that Shen’s mother was true. intention. Because of an oolong incident, Qi Xiao was ashamed and annoyed, and hurriedly hid in the kitchen and texted Shen Ruoxin.

Teacher Wang and his daughter Xiao Ai are extremely satisfied with Qi Xiao, and they still need to deepen their understanding. In desperation, Qi Xiao simply pretended to be a gangster, claiming that he didn’t want to study and often skipped classes, and only wanted to open an online shop to do handicrafts in the future. Xiao Ai is more powerful, and even Teacher Wang has an eye above the top, and will not accept this young man with no future at all, and even blames Shen Ma for introducing the Phoenix man before leaving.

Shen’s mother was sulking at home, and Qi Xiao worked in the kitchen until Shen Ruoxin came back to be a peacemaker, and finally broke the deadlock. Mother Shen felt guilty about what happened tonight, but Qi Xiao didn’t care about it and still said that she already had a girl she liked. Qi Xiao made Shen Ruoxin’s sweet and sour pork ribs, but Shen Ruoxin was surprised to find that the taste was exactly the same as Shen’s sweet and sour pork ribs.

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