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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 15 Recap

In order to avoid causing Zou Cheng’s suspicion, Song Ziyan lied to take care of Shen’s mother every time she went out, and colluded with Shen Ruoxin in advance, so as to save time and often misunderstand. Shen Ruoxin thinks that Song Ziyan should explain to Zou Cheng clearly, but Zou Cheng’s character, I’m afraid he can’t accept the fact that his wife is going to be a bar chef at the moment.

When Song Ziyan was working, she still didn’t forget to ask someone to give her husband lunch. However, the food she cooked carefully was regarded as fast food, and she couldn’t taste it at all. Ahao often took time to go to the back kitchen to test dishes, and saw Song Ziyan frowning, so she enlightened her from her own standpoint to understand the habits of men and distinguish between them before and after love.

In the first few days, Su Yang was still passionate about entering the workplace, but after a long time, coupled with encountering strange and difficult customers, he was particularly suffocated. There was no inspiration for the creation, and the manuscript was revised repeatedly. Before Qi Xiao got up to work, he would always see Su Yang sleeping in front of the computer.

When Shen’s mother was recovering from her injuries, she basically lived in Shen Ruoxin’s house, but she always thought about her daughter’s marriage. Shen Ruoxin didn’t think that a woman had to get married. Instead of talking to the unexpected that she was not married, he might as well care about the consequences of the divorce. Xu Minjie called Shen Ruoxin to inform the meeting, and Shen’s mother reminded her to keep her distance.

Because Shen’s mother needed to go to the hospital for a review, Shen Ruoxin was not at ease, and simply asked Qi Xiao to come over and take care of her. Qi Xiao and Shen Ma got along happily, coupled with his enthusiastic and lively character, he was deeply appreciated by Shen Ma, and he praised him with full praise. Shen’s mother wanted to introduce a girlfriend to Qi Xiao, but Qi Xiao secretly fell in love with Shen Ruoxin and did not dare to say it clearly, and simply lied that she already liked someone.

Although Shen Ruoxin’s career has a bright future, Shen’s mother always feels that she is easy to fall in love. Especially there is Xu Minjie who is staring at her, and Qi Xiao’s deliberate instigation has made her unable to completely rest assured. In the end, Shen’s mother and Qi Xiao reached an agreement that, in addition to Qi Xiao helping Shen Ruoxin at work, she would also monitor Xu Minjie’s every move for her, and communicate with her on her mobile phone at any time.

Qi Xiao admitted that she was pleased with Shen’s mother and left her with a very good impression. He even looked forward to becoming Shen’s son-in-law in the near future. She didn’t know that Mother Shen wanted to introduce her colleague’s daughter to him. The two were not very different in age, and they looked quite right, besides, both belonged to young people, and they all had the same topic when they socialized.

When Shen Ruoxin heard her mother’s calculation, she immediately objected. After all, she also knew that Teacher Wang’s daughter was not a good match. The last relationship was her vanity and pretending to be the scorer. Even if Qi Xiao’s background is not as good as that of the Wang family, his personality is a thousand times better than that of the woman.

Zoucheng needs to entertain customers, so she can’t go home and finish the meal. Song Ziyan continues to work in the bar, busy with the kitchen. As a result, when she served dishes to the guests, she accidentally saw her husband Zou Cheng and his partners, and she couldn’t help but froze in place. That night, Song Ziyan returned home anxiously because she had a quarrel with Zoucheng’s Three Views, and then ran away from home and stayed in Shen’s house temporarily for one night.

Song Ziyan and Shen Ruoxin kept pouring bitterness, complaining that Zou Cheng never understood herself. However, Shen Ruoxin believes that people will change, more from the spiritual level, so Song Ziyan should not impose her own ideas on Zou Cheng while pursuing hobbies, because he has an independent personality.

In the room, Song Ziyan hugged Shen Ruoxin and wept bitterly. Shen’s mother heard clearly at the door, and her heart was full of emotion. The next morning, Shen’s mother called and told Zou Cheng to come and take his wife home, and in her words earnestly instructed him to remember the promise he made when getting married and not to do things that he regretted.

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