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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 14 Recap

Since rejecting Xu Minjie last night, Shen Ruoxin has been awake, worried that he will blame him, and even more afraid that his career will end. Until the next morning, Shen Ruoxin went downstairs to the company and wandered for a long time, not knowing how to face Xu Minjie. He wanted to send a text message to explain, but he didn’t dare to click send.

Qi Xiao saw Shen Ruoxin sitting in the car in a daze, and couldn’t help but go to remind her to regain consciousness. When Shen Ruoxin walked into the company and saw Xu Minjie, he immediately made an excuse to turn around and left to prevent the two from meeting embarrassingly. Knowing Shen Ruoxin’s mind, Xu Minjie asked her to work with her, and at the same time arranged for her new assistant Li Xiaole to work in the company.

When Shen Ruoxin learned that Xu Minjie had returned to the company to work overtime last night, coupled with the appearance of Li Xiaole, mistakenly thought that he was going to be kicked out of the department, so he mustered up the courage to find him and explain clearly. As a result, Xu Minjie didn’t care about what happened last night. Instead, he said that the reason he would look for Li Xiaole was to help him with his personal affairs, so that Shen Ruoxin could take charge of the market business in East China.

Knowing Xu Minjie’s true intentions, Shen Ruoxin immediately let go of his heart and can finally go to work with ease. Qi Xiao knew that Shen Ruoxin was a workaholic. As long as he was busy with things, he would basically have to work overtime all night. Every time he got off work, he would suffer from backaches, which was very uncomfortable. In order to relieve this symptom, Qi Xiao personally made a pillow and gave it to Shen Ruoxin, especially seeing that the other party liked it very much, and couldn’t hide his inner joy even more. Shen Ruoxin put a pillow on the table and lay down to rest. Unexpectedly, Qi Xiao was lying on the opposite side in the same posture. Shen Ruoxin was a little embarrassed when he saw the heat in his eyes, and quickly got up.

Su Yang reported to the new company and wanted to greet his colleagues warmly. Unfortunately, no one answered him, and even the working environment was dull. In order to celebrate Su Yang’s finding a job, You Sijia took the initiative to ask Qi Xiao to help him out. The three of them had fun outside all day. When they had dinner in the evening, the love scene between Su Yang and You Sijia made Qi Xiao look down. . You Sijia advised Qi Xiao to confess bravely, but Qi Xiao felt that Shen Ruoxin was not a young girl in her twenties, so she might not want to take this set.

While passing the traffic lights, Shen’s mother looked down at her mobile phone and did not notice the road conditions. As a result, she collided with a deliveryman on a motorcycle and the two fell to the ground. Compared with the slight injury of Shen’s mother, the delivery staff was more serious and passed out on the spot. Qi Xiao happened to be passing by, so he kindly called an ambulance to accompany Shen’s mother to the hospital.

At first, Shen’s mother refused to enter the hospital because her ex-husband was working in the hospital, but when she saw the police intervening in the investigation, she knew that the matter was serious, and asked Qi Xiao to call Shen Ruoxin. At this time, Shen Ruoxin and Xu Minjie were busy at work, and rushed to the hospital as soon as they received the news. Xu Minjie accompanied them.

Fortunately, the delivery staff was fine. When Shen’s father came to the ward for an examination, Shen’s mother was dissatisfied, and she even lost her temper at him. Because of Xu Minjie’s presence, the atmosphere eased a lot, and the mother and daughter of the Shen family were drove back, leaving Qi Xiao to stand alone in front of the hospital.

Just as Qi Xiao was depressed that he had not been praised for doing good deeds, Shen Ruoxin called to arrange for him to go back and finish his work, and express his gratitude by the way. This sentence made Qi Xiao immediately refreshed. Xu Minjie discovered that Shen’s mother’s phone had been broken and planned to give her the new phone in the car, but was rejected. Mother Shen took the initiative to ask about Xu Minjie’s personal situation. After she returned home, she immediately reminded Shen Ruoxin to be more careful with this boss, and even believed that Xu Minjie belonged to a man in the sea and was not suitable for marriage at all.

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