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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 13 Recap

As soon as the sky broke, Qi Xiao was awakened by Su Yang, vaguely learning from his excitement that the job interview was successful. Now that Su Yang can stay in Shanghai, Qi Xiao, as a good buddy, is naturally happy for him. By the way, I congratulate him on being able to fall in love with You Sijia without having to look back and forth.

At the meeting of the new energy department, Shen Ruoxin combined his own views with the customer experience in the previous two days, suggesting that Xu Minjie should focus on those parents who are already parents, which can reflect the consumption direction of this group, and promote the cost-effectiveness and family happiness in the sales plan. sense.

After the meeting, Qi Xiao invited Shen Ruoxin to attend their elaborate birthday party. Originally, Shen Ruoxin had an appointment with Qi Xiao, and even wanted to bring Song Ziyan there, but unexpectedly when he was off work, he suddenly received a call from Xu Minjie, thinking that there was a business to discuss, so Qi Xiao and others were asked to prepare for the birthday first. She was busy. Hurry over after official business.

However, when Shen Ruoxin arrived at the location, he discovered that Xu Minjie had actually booked the entire restaurant and arranged it very romantically. Through this time of getting along, Xu Minjie appreciates Shen Ruoxin more and more, and at the same time is no longer satisfied with the relationship between superiors and subordinates, but hopes that she can stand by her side and become a haven that can become him in her career or life. Xu Minjie prepared a candlelight dinner and took this opportunity to confess to her.

Not waiting for Shen Ruoxin’s reaction, I saw Xu Minjie had put the luxurious necklace prepared in advance on her neck. At this time, You Sijia came to the birthday party. She learned from Su Yang the reason for Shen Ruoxin’s lateness, and she couldn’t help screaming in surprise. She didn’t expect to encounter the domineering president’s love model in reality.

You Sijia looked envious and felt that Shen Ruoxin and Xu Minjie belonged to the appearance of talented women, but Qi Xiao immediately retorted loudly, saying that the two did not match each other. Seeing Qi Xiao’s indignant appearance, You Sijia knew that he actually liked Shen Ruoxin, who was many years older than him, but there was a big gap between them regardless of age or experience, and even Su Yang felt that Qi Xiao should give up.

Shen Ruoxin did not accept Xu Minjie’s show of love, instead he took off the necklace and returned it to him. Facing Shen Ruoxin’s euphemistic refusal, Xu Minjie was a little puzzled. After all, any ambitious woman would never give up this shortcut. However, Shen Ruoxin took the initiative to talk to Xu Minjie about her experience of working hard when she was young, and she said that she was in entanglement to buy a brand-name bag.

Perhaps for others, whether to buy a brand-name bag is completely a matter of thought, but in Shen Ruoxin’s view, she needs to withstand the various pressures behind buying a bag. Shen Ruoxin rejected Xu Minjie, indicating that she thought she was not suitable to stand by Xu Minjie’s side, and could not reach the height required by the other party. Only by being down-to-earth can she enjoy the distant scenery with peace of mind.

After Shen Ruoxin finished explaining the reason, he left in a hurry, and he was relieved for himself. Song Ziyan made a birthday cake for Shen Ruoxin, and by the way, she applied to the bar owner to leave work early, but she just arrived at the birthday party and happened to see Shen Ruoxin who was driving along. Qi Xiao was still eating Xu Minjie’s vinegar, and was not in the mood to grill skewers at all, until she found that Shen Ruoxin had come with Song Ziyan, and finally dropped her mind and laughed happily.

Everyone celebrated Shen Ruoxin’s birthday, and Qi Xiao took out the Rose Nebula Necklace made by herself as a birthday present. Looking at the shape above, Shen Ruoxin was a little surprised. It turned out that Qi Xiao found inspiration through a nebula image on the Internet, and the owner of this image is Shen Ruoxin.

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