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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 11 Recap

Through this contact, Shen Ruoxin learned the real reason why Qi Xiao was good at handwork, and that he was admitted to university with his own efforts, taking care of his mother to supplement his family. Shen Ruoxin praised Qi Xiao for his pragmatic filial piety, while embarrassed that he could not do anything except work.

Shen Ruoxin accompanied Xu Minjie to the exhibition, and was once again misunderstood as a girlfriend. At the same time, she reminded her that she should seize the opportunity to prevent her youth from dying alone. Although the other party was not malicious, Shen Ruoxin was really not interested in talking, and simply found an excuse to leave, feeling relieved.

Qi Xiao and Su Yang worked for Qi’s mother at home, but his mind was full of Shen Ruoxin, and he didn’t even notice what his mother said. That night, Qi Xiao waited for Shen Ruoxin’s return at home, worrying about her being alone with Xu Minjie, and embarrassed to call and ask. Su Yang saw Qi Xiao’s thoughts and immediately suggested that he send a text message to Shen Ruoxin.

Sure enough, as soon as the news was sent, Shen Ruoxin asked Qi Xiao to go to the house to help him change his dress. Qi Xiao was so excited, by the way, he invited Shen Ruoxin to go to a place with him tomorrow as a reward for changing the dress. Early the next morning, Qi Xiao took Shen Ruoxin to the studio opened by his friend Zhu Lin, planning to choose some clothes for her.

Shen Ruoxin and Qi Xiao fancy a set of dresses at the same time, so they went to the dressing room to try them on. However, Shen Ruoxin was amazing when she wore it, Qi Xiao was fascinated by it, but there were still some imperfections, and it seemed that something was missing. Qi Xiao perceives this detail and directly cuts and modifies it on the spot.

Originally, Shen Ruoxin was worried that this would destroy the beauty of the clothes, but he did not expect that after his adjustments, the dress looked particularly beautiful, even Zhu Lin praised it and couldn’t help but invite Qi Xiao to join his studio. Afterwards, Shen Ruoxin selected many beautiful and cheap dresses from among them, and at Qi Xiao’s request, went karts with him, and the two had a great time.

Song Ziyan couldn’t find a suitable job and was very depressed, so she simply went to Shen Ruoxin to complain, and went to the frequent bar to relax. In recent days, Song Ziyan has become more and more aware of her own value, apart from spending Zoucheng’s money to be smart, she has no contribution to her family. While Shen Ruoxin was comforting Song Ziyan, the bar vocalist Ah Ting came over to chat with them. He happened to see the resume on the table and knew her current situation.

Since Ah Ting is a friend of the bar owner, and the bar is desperately short of a chef, Song Ziyan is invited to come to work. Considering that she lacked the opportunity to perform, Song Ziyan agreed without hesitation, and felt that as long as someone worked for her, it would be a gift from the noble.

Under You Sijia’s introduction, Su Yang finally signed a contract with a comic company and received a deposit. To show his gratitude, Su Yang asked You Sijia to go out to play. At first they were very restrained, but they both liked each other until You Sijia took the initiative to confess to him sincerely, claiming that no one would say no to the future. Instead of thinking about the future, it’s better to look at the present.

After dating for a whole night, Su Yang had a bad stomach and was about to get out of weakness at home. When Qi Xiao came to the company to meet You Sijia and found that she also had gastrointestinal problems, it instantly became clear to her heart. Shen Ruoxin selected the driver for Xu Minjie, and Qi Xiao nominated himself, and temporarily took part in multiple jobs to drive Xu Minjie.

Xu Minjie realized that Qi Xiao liked Shen Ruoxin, and even inquired into her own thoughts about Shen Ruoxin, so she simply stated all the advantages of her work and praised her from the standpoint of the opposite sex. Qi Xiao identified Xu Minjie as a love rival and deliberately took him to the hot pot restaurant often visited by Shen Ruoxin.

Because Xu Minjie was not accustomed to this kind of civilian occasion, and was not used to eating spicy food, he did not continue to eat, but called to order expensive supper to be delivered to his home. After ordering the meal, Xu Minjie analyzed Shen Ruoxin’s likes and used food as a metaphor for him and Qi Xiao, which means that cheap meals and high-end cuisine, more people like to pursue luxury.

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