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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 3 Recap

The driver was shot, followed by a burst of gunfire. An Lei and the political commissar hurriedly got into the car, but they did not expect to be stopped by the other party. On the hall screen, Deputy Commander Fang told everyone that this was a biochemical blackmail terrorist attack. The mastermind was Dlamini. This person was a fanatical warrior.

After he was arrested yesterday, he confessed that his secret base has entered an irreversible launch. Program, even if the launch program is turned off, the missile will still detonate automatically, and Dlamini will explain the time in twelve hours. This is a terrorist attack covering the whole world. The Chinese military must stand up at this time and have the responsibility and strength to solve this terrorist attack!

Huang Wen entered the cave and passed the security check after showing her credentials. He visited the place under the leadership of Military Doctor He, and the scope of her activities here is also very small. There is only one military doctor in the standby library. Huang Wen is temporarily seconded without a desk, but Huang Wen needs a private space. After all, it is a psychological problem. Doctor He told her that the situation was urgent this time, and it was already very difficult to solve Huang Wen’s accommodation, after all, she was the only female soldier here. Huang Wen knows that she looks like a lot, but she believes that she will play a role, otherwise she will not be sent here.

Doctor He took Huang Wen to the abandoned cold storage. The space here is private, and Huang Wen thinks it is appropriate. Because of Huang Wen’s arrival, this cave house with only male soldiers had a female toilet for the first time, but Lu Zheng didn’t know the existence of Huang Wen, so he had to break into the newly renovated female toilet and Lin Anbang, who was responsible for cleaning. Blocked outside to prevent him from entering, until Huang Wen appeared and Lu Zheng’s face turned green.

Qi Peng received a call saying that An Lei had lost contact with the political commissar’s car and that their 270 brigade was no longer an assault force, but a spare tire. Xia Zhuo soon thought of a way to change the magnetic field to stop the missile. They could accompany a missile and use a higher speed to compress the preset trajectory of the local missile. The two missiles formed a new magnetic field so that it could be changed. The location of the enemy missile’s landing point. Ouyang Jun was stunned. Yi Zimeng held his beloved guitar and didn’t let go. The monitor noticed that he was depressed and took the initiative to come to him to solve the problem. He also asked him to sit next to him for dinner every day and talk at any time.

The psychological consultation room was simply arranged, and Huang Wen was also settled here. Xia Zhuo came to Qi Peng to submit a plan, but he didn’t expect Qi Peng to tell him that Ouyang Jun had already submitted this plan, and his plan was more practical. Xia Zhuo was very dissatisfied. This method was told to Ouyang Jun. Ouyang Jun also said that it is impossible to achieve like a science fiction film. How could he do this!

The poison gas warning sounded, and everyone hurriedly put on chemical protective clothing. Yi Zimeng was so nervous that he even shrank behind when they assembled. The secret base launched a missile thirty seconds ago and it has been flying. In panic, Xia Zhuo glanced at Ouyang Jun. The exhaust outlet monitoring equipment was hacked, and the pictures that Qi Peng, Xia Zhuo and others saw in the lobby were all delayed.

The poison gas alarm was lifted, and Xia Zhuo looked back at Ouyang Jun again. Ouyang Jun believes that the warhead will not be detonated, and the interception of missiles by country G has been carefully calculated. Qi Peng lamented that this scene was wonderful, but unfortunately, it was not the turn of the Chinese army to take action. Xia Zhuo coldly asked Ouyang Jun why he wanted to steal his plan and asked him to apologize. Ouyang Jun thinks that Xia Zhuo is too ego and indispensable, he is indeed very smart, but no one is stupid, no one is worse than anyone! Xia Zhuo almost punched him with a fist. Ouyang Jun said that if he didn’t believe it, he would go to the database to check the file retention time.

Xia Zhuo was unwilling to sneak into the database secretly, but unexpectedly was discovered, because he entered the restricted area without authorization and was locked up. Ouyang Jun came back alone, and Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang asked him where Xia Zhuo had gone, but Ouyang Jun only replied that he didn’t know. Huang Wen hoped that Lu Zheng would hand over Xia Zhuo to her. He could not know that the recruits could not enter the prohibited area. There must be a reason. But the brigade was in a state of combat readiness, and Lu Zheng did not respond to her, and at the same time believed that the appearance of Huang Wen, a psychologist, was not important.

Lin Anbang asked Ouyang Jun why Xia Zhuo was imprisoned. Ouyang Jun explained that it was a dispute caused by a plan. At this time, Yi Zimeng was more concerned about whether the war was about to come, and he seemed very nervous. Lin Anbang didn’t believe that Ouyang Jun didn’t copy Xia Zhuo’s plan. Every time the two of them had a dispute, they couldn’t tell who was right and who was wrong. No one thought that An Lei and the political commissar were not missing.

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