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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 12 Racap

The designer was very angry at the torn of her well-designed clothes and threatened that Liu Qianying would never want to go to the runway again in her life. After learning the news, North Jiangsu hurried to the backstage to deal with it, realizing that someone was deliberately making trouble when the clothes were torn, and nowadays, compared to finding the perpetrator, it is most important to repair the show quickly and successfully complete the show. Subei suggested that the designer change the clothes on the spot, but the designer thought that it was impossible to do it before taking the stage. Reluctantly, Subei did it himself.

Everyone did not expect that the gold medal agent Subei had amazing talents and abilities in costume design, and the flagship costumes that she modified by hand were widely praised.

At the end of the catwalk, Gu Yan came backstage and apologized to Subei. It turned out that he learned that the torn dress incident was actually arranged by Gu Chengze, in order to make Huanzhen embarrassed on his own show and let the industry see Huanzhen is unprofessional, to break his cooperation with Xia. At this time, following Subei, she promised her grandmother to take care of her sister-in-law in name. But in fact, Lu Feier, who was full of scheming stomachs, saw the staff pushing the hanger passing by. She tripped deliberately and the hanger slammed directly at Subei. Gu Yan helped block, but Subei was still rushed to the hospital.

Grandma hurried to the hospital when she heard the news. When she heard the doctor said that she was okay and she was not pregnant, she was instantly angry. Her attitude towards Subei immediately returned to her original acrimonious dissatisfaction. Lu Nan arrived in time and said that she pretended to be pregnant. Idea, Grandma Lu was dizzy.

In the hospital, Gu Yan found Lu Feier and said that Lu Feier was really a good method. It turned out that Lu Feier was originally named Wang Ying, and she was in the same orphanage with Gu Yan when she was young. The young Lu Feier was very scheming and tried every means to please the teacher. Lu Feier claimed that she was not a Wang Ying, and Gu Yan admitted the wrong person.

Facing his brother’s reproach, Lu Feier began to pretend to be pitiful again, saying that he did not intentionally harm his sister-in-law, while Lu Nan said that Lu Feier simply went abroad to live his life. He took off Lu Feier and grabbed his hand. He left without looking back.

Subei was preparing to participate in a live interview. Lu Feier deliberately mentioned the old photo album in front of Grandma Lu. Grandma asked Subei to take the photo album to the hospital. Subei reluctantly agreed. When I was looking for the album, I found the Phixiangjin craft that Lu Feier had secretly put in. The evidence found by Subei Lenovo himself had all pointed at Lunan. Although I didn’t want to believe it, it was already the case. While discussing with Ye Ting, news came from the hospital that Aunt Lan was critically ill.

Facing the critical illness notice, Subei was very angry while sad. Aunt Lan treated herself like a daughter. Now she is critically ill because of Lu Nan’s actions. She intends to expose Lu Nan’s past behavior on the live broadcast. During the live broadcast, fortunately, Ye Ting found the suspicious point in time and discovered that the person who was involved in the accident at Aunt Lan’s factory was now Gu Chengze’s subordinate. He was afraid that all this could not be separated from the Gu family, and Lu Nan was probably wronged.

At this time, Lu Nan, who was carefully preparing gifts for northern Jiangsu, received news. Subei has been investigating the cause of Aunt Lan’s accident. She believes Lu Nan is the murderer. The purpose of returning home this time is to destroy Lu Nan and destroy Huanzhen. . Lu Nan, who was originally full of enthusiasm and love, was poured with a bucket of cold water in an instant. It turned out that all of this by himself was worthless in the eyes of Subei. Subei came to explain, but it was useless, Lu Nan couldn’t hear anything.

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