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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 11 Racap

Gu Yan asked Subei to eat together, so Subei turned down Lu Nan’s invitation. At the dinner table, Gu Yan mentioned Kreis and learned that Lu Nan still didn’t know Kreis’s life experience. He promised to keep the secret for Subei. At the same time, he felt that it was not easy for Subei to take care of the children alone. Gu Yan remembered his life experience. If his mother was half in charge of Subei, she would not throw herself in the orphanage, and now she would not be bullied because of her identity as an illegitimate child. Subei encouraged him to pass all this, and it will definitely get better and better in the future.

Yunfan found out that Zhang Yuan had a relationship with Gu Chengze. The eight million yuan that Zhang Yuan used to fill the shortfall was unknown, and it was probably related to Gu Chengze. Now Gu Chengze has asked Lunan to study the trilateral cooperation of Gu, Huanzhen, and Xia. Lu Nan is bothered by Gu’s work and seduce his wife in life. Yun Fan persuaded him that he wanted to get his wife back, and he should not be too impatient. In order to please North Jiangsu, Lu Nan sent Yunfan to buy some children’s toys for Kreis.

At the banquet, Gu Chengze said that although Xia is interested in cooperating with Huanzhen, the world is unpredictable. Everything may happen until the last moment of signing. Gu’s current market share is very high. Xia wants to enter the mainland market. You have to rely on your own resources. Huanzhen’s penetration dyeing technology is better to be transferred to Gu’s to ensure stable profit without loss. Lu Nan thought that Gu Chengze invited himself to talk about the tripartite cooperation seriously, but he did not expect that the ultimate goal was to persuade Huanzhen to retreat. He very seriously rejected the suggestion to transfer the transfection technology, saying that Gu Chengze’s remarks and thoughts were ridiculous. Gu and Lu fought each other, and Subei injured his ankle.

Yun Fan came to Ye Ting’s house to give Kreis a gift. When he went to the bathroom, he went the wrong way and crashed into a room. On the wall, he saw the northern part of Jiangsu’s plans for Aunt Lan, Huanzhen, and Toran, although it was only a brief glance. But he was also keenly aware of some abnormalities. On the way back, he hurriedly urged people to investigate related matters in northern Jiangsu.

When the couple returned home, Lu Nan wiped the abrasion medicine for Subei. Sophie and Grandma Lu came when they kissed me. Grandma blamed Lu Nan for being anxious. The child couldn’t help it in three months. , And offered to move in to take care of Subei personally, but Lu Nan quickly refused. Seeing that Subei was still wearing tight-fitting suits, her grandmother also said that it was not good for the fetus in her abdomen, so she quickly let Lu Feier go upstairs and find loose clothes for Subei. When he went upstairs to pick up his clothes, Lu Fei Er stuffed the trans-dyeing technical documents into Lu Nan’s cabinet.

On the second day, Gu invited Huanzhen’s chief model Liu Qianying to participate in the finale, and Subei agreed. On the day of the show, Lu Feier also followed Subei to the show.

As the chief model trained by Subei, Liu Qianying lived up to expectations and attracted the audience’s surprises. In the final stage of the show, Liu Qianying changed to the flagship model of this season. The designer also praised that he was a model cultivated by Subei. The temperament is unique. Her clothes are simply shining when worn on Liu. However, when he was about to play, Liu Qianying’s skirt was stepped on due to the rush of backstage personnel, and a big hole was torn.

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