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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 10 Racap

At breakfast, when the North and South couple were about to kiss, the doorbell rang at home. Lu Nan went out unhappy. The visitor was Kreis. He asked Lu Nan to accompany him to the weekend football match. As his father, he threatened to say If Lu Nan didn’t accompany him, he would have to pester Subei on the weekend, and Lu Nan reluctantly agreed.

At the weekend, Lu Nan resorted to his bad football skills. Lu and his son were ridiculed and went home in disgrace. On the way, Kreis complained that Lu Nan knew nothing, even Gu Yan couldn’t let it go. At any rate, Uncle Gu was so handsome and introduced himself to modeling work, and Lu Nan had to make money on his own. After returning home, Lu Nan told Subei Ye Ting about Kreis being a model. Northern Jiangsu falsely claimed that if the child who had miscarriage was still there, he should be as old as Kreis now, and he has always regarded Kreis as his own son. This child lacks the love of his father and hopes that Lu Nan can treat him better in the future. Lu Nan agreed.

In the underground parking lot, Zhang Yuan met with a man. The man gave him a large sum of money and told him the next task. Zhang Yuan said that if he knew what he had done before in Huanzhen, Lu Nan would not let it go. He, and the man said that if he didn’t do it, the boss would still not let him go. Zhang Yuan said that he only wanted to live a stable life, but he agreed.

For Grandma Lu’s birthday, Lu Nan didn’t want Subei to wear a dress to attend the banquet, because it was too revealing, so she chose sportswear for her.

At the birthday banquet, Subei was greeted by Grandma Lu’s eyes as soon as he arrived. Zhang Yuan and his new girlfriend Qiao Qiao also came to the banquet. Lu Nan didn’t like Zhang Yuan, and Subei looked thoughtful when he heard Qiao Qiao’s name.

Taking advantage of the temporary departure of Subei Road South, Lu Feier added more effort and jealousy to inform Grandma Lu that Subei had killed the child seven years ago. Grandma’s temper broke out instantly. When the North and South couple returned to the banquet, she rushed towards Subei. . In an emergency, Lu Nan said that Subei is now pregnant and the child of two. His grandmother’s attitude changed in an instant, and she told him to take good care of Subei.

During the banquet, Subei went out and talked with Ye Ting. He said that he had stored Phixiangjin in a place before Aunt Lan’s accident. However, the things were taken away after the accident. Ye Ting said it’s hard to check the fetch. As for the person wearing the fragrant brocade, Subei asked her to check Zhang Yuan’s girlfriend Qiao Qiao. However, all this conversation was heard by Lu Feier.

Back home, Lu Feier took out the Phi Xiangjin from the cabinet. It turned out that Aunt Lan told the Lunan deposit address after storing the Phi Xiangjin. It happened that the mobile phone was not in Lu Nan’s hand. Lu Feier saw this one. After deleting the text message, she went to take away Phixiangjin.

Northern Jiangsu accused Lu Nan of lying about her pregnancy, Lu Nan said that the two could not give birth to one, and said that the child Kreis is slick and unconcerned. After all, other children’s children are not better than their own. Su Bei was even more angry when she heard that, she didn’t expect Lu Nan to dislike Kreis so much, so she drove Lu Nan out of the bedroom at night.

Lu Nan was unhappy, and Yue Yunfan went out to practice Sanda. After exercising and relaxing, Lu Nan decided to believe in Subei unconditionally and asked Yun Fan to remove the monitor from his home tomorrow. He made a divorce agreement. If the two get married in the future, Subei will hold 99.9% of Huanzhen’s shares, and the remaining 0.1% will give himself another chance to recover her. Lu Nan has already signed the letter on it. If there is anything to be sorry for in Northern Jiangsu in the future, she can sign at any time. On the other side, Faye looked for someone to investigate the whereabouts of Subei after returning to China.

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