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Mysterious Love (2021) 他在逆光中告白

Mysterious Love (2021)
Other Title: 他在逆光中告白, Bun Yam, Ban Yin, 半吟, Ta Zai Ni Guang Zhong Gao Bai

Genres:  Suspense, Romance, Drama
Ming Yan
Sohu TV
Release Date: 
Apr 15, 2021
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Adapted from the novel “Ban Yin” (半吟) by Ni Shui Qian Liu (弱水千流)


  • Tsao Yu Ning as Li Teng
  • Yilia Yu as Ruan Nian Chu
  • Wu Hao Ze as Jiang Hao
  • Leslie Ma as Qiao Yu Fei
  • Sky Li as Chen Guo Zhi
  • Sun Xi Zhi as Wang Zi Shuai

Quirky and adorable theater actor Ruan Nian Chu meets Li Teng, a cold and arrogant guy who possess both high EQ and IQ. Li Teng saves Ruan Nian chu from a dangerous situation. The two develop feelings for each other, but separated due to different life tracks. Five years later, the two reunite and their feelings for each other rekindled. However the two are faced with a new danger as they work together to unravel the antagonist’s schemes.

the quirky drama actor Ruan Nianchu and Li Teng, a high-cold man with good double business appearance, unexpectedly met. Li Teng rescued Ruan Nianchu from the water and fire during the crisis. The two had a good feeling for each other, but The trajectory of life is different, and the two are different. Five years later, a reunion broke Ruan Nianchu’s life. The relationship between the two quickly heated up, but they encountered numerous obstacles. After resolving the misunderstandings and crises, the two held their hands and fought back against each other, and jointly solved the villain’s conspiracy and returned to the ordinary. and a happy life. .

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