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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 9 Recap

The government has placed many people around Fugui, and Ma Ye’s subordinates can only send the refugees to the dung yard to work, and Ma Ye doesn’t care much about this. The subordinates hesitated and did not say anything to retreat. As soon as he turned around, he heard Ma Ye say that the government was pressing so tightly that he felt that the ghost had leaked the wind from his side, so he promised Ma Ye he would investigate it carefully. Master Ma went to meet the man who was caught back, and the man agreed to his request. He was very excited to show the results of seven years of research to him.

He didn’t expect that he would still be spinning around in the same place after seven years. The man’s phoenix-tailed needle is unparalleled in the world, and his medical skills are unmatched in the world. Master Ma now needs his help. The man said that he wanted to test the medicine but he had to have a patient. Ma said that the patient does not need to worry about him.

Jiang Tianling found some clues when Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia went to investigate the third brother, and the three of them came to Huadengfang together. Soon after a few people came to the table, they saw that the third brother’s men had also entered Huadengfang. Jiang Tianling had been in contact with this person in Fortune before, and his taste was the same as Jiang Baiyu’s, so Jiang Tianling felt that he should come often too. Huadengfang, so he planned to get him drunk. Zhanzhi asked Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to deal with that person, but Jiang Baiyu kept persuading Jiang Tianling to drink, and Jiang Tianling became drunk after a few drinks.

Fang Yuncheng took a lot of fruit and waited for Qi Delong under the bridge, asking her to taste the fruit and want to ask the person she liked, but she left without answering. The girls got drunk with that person. That person was a coachman who didn’t know much and didn’t explain anything, but got a badge from the Jiangfu auction. Zhezhi found out that a group of killers in Jiangzhou had bought a lot of romance notebooks there on the night of Qixi Festival.

Shui Wuxia boiled medicine for Shen Qingli. She still remembered the bracelet he wore last time, so she asked him if he would give gifts to others and if he had received gifts such as jewelry. Shen Qingli denied it. Shen Qingli gave a durian candy to flawless water and said that he would take her to taste the cherry blossom marshmallow when he had the opportunity. After Shui Wuxia left, he played darts to vent. Shen Qingli said that he had never received a gift, but he wore a bracelet on his hand. He said he had never been to Jiangzhou, but he knew the limited taste of marshmallows at the Qixi Festival.

Qi Delong found that Fang Yuncheng had put pills in her soup, and she was very angry and pointed her sword at Fang Yuncheng. When Jiang Baiyu and others heard the sound, they came over to check. When asked, they learned that this is a pill to know when you ask. Fang Yun succeeded in wanting to know Qi Delong’s thoughts, and asked Jiang Baiyu and Jiang Tianling whether they didn’t want to know the thoughts of their favorite people? The two looked at Shui Wuxia sitting in the middle at the same time, and she was a little confused by seeing Shui Wuxia with an excuse to leave.

Shui Wuxia asked Baxi to help Shen Qingli to meet him and decided to ask him, but Baxi went to ask her and knew that the pill was anxious and got Jinfeng Yulu pill. Jiang Baiyu went shopping with Fang Yuncheng and saw the red lanterns hanging. He knew that Shui Wuxia had asked her, so he changed his clothes and went to the appointment.

Baxi secretly put the pill into the medicine, and Shui Wuxia gave him the medicine to drink. Shui Wuxia asked all the doubts in her heart, but at this time Shen Qingli’s medicinal effect broke out. He sweated a lot, and he couldn’t help but want to do something wrong with her. Baxi came, and Shen Qingli came to see him. Zhuang hurriedly left, and this incident completely broke Shui Wuxia’s thoughts of Shen Qingli.

Fang Yuncheng set off fireworks for Qi Delong to apologize to her, but Jiang Tianling appeared on the opposite side and Qi Delong listened to what he said. Shui Wuxia was in a bad mood. Standing alone, Jiang Tianling happened to see her, and the two looked at the stars together.

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