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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 10 Recap

At the Jiang’s charity auction, the abnormal situation in Beiwan Village caused the villagers of Beiwan Village to be displaced. The prefect asked those present who would be willing to donate generously and establish refugee shelters. Of course, they would not suffer. Who would accept the refugees. The prefect promised to sign a five-year labor contract. In order to benefit the refugees, the prefect must see who has the best conditions.

After everyone offered Master Jiang’s bid of fifty thousand taels, Wanmatang butler saw that there was no bid, so he stood up and offered a higher price. In the eyes of Jiang Baiyu and others, Master Jiang bid again, but every time Wanmatang butler made a change. With high prices, Wanmatang succeeded in the end. Wanmatang’s bid was so high, Jiang Baiyu felt that there must be a ghost, and Shui Wuxia decided to follow the Wanmatang butler to have a look.

The steward of Wan Matang went back and reported to Ma Ye that Jiang’s family had spent 150,000 taels to photograph the refugees. Although Ma Ye was a little surprised, he said that sooner or later he would earn the money from them. Jiang Baiyu and Shui who followed these words Wuxia heard it. Jiang Baiyu and the others found the waist card from the third brother, from the waist card to the banquet, and from the banquet, they found that the steward of Wanmatang was the most suspicious, all of which pointed to the refugees.

Jiang Tianling wanted to experience the place Shui Wuxia often came to, so he came to the Bulu Gambling Shop, and Baxi took him around. One of Baxi’s painstaking efforts recently asked Jiang Tianling to flip two of them. When Baxi saw that he flipped to the marriage card, Jiang Tianling naturally didn’t believe it, and went shopping alone. Jiang Tianling saw Zhezhi and Zhao Gongzi’s bet, so she stopped like a hero to save the beauty, but Zhezhi was willing to open the dice cup, Jiang Tianling resolutely prevented her but caused her to lose, Jiang Tianling dragged her away. Up. After Jiang Tianling took Zhezhi out, she persuaded her not to be conceited and told her that it was wrong to bet on life with a gambling game.

If there is no evidence, the government will certainly not act on Ma Rulong, but when there is evidence, the refugees will definitely be harmed. Shui Wuxia asked Jiang Baiyu to review the book at the mansion. She decided to go to Wanmatang to see the situation by herself. If there was a problem, she would just collect evidence. Jiang Baiyu wanted to go with Shui Wuxia, and Shui Wuxia agreed to protect him if there was any danger. When they went there, they saw the third brother leading the fainted refugees into the carriage. They intercepted the carriage on the road and rescued the refugees.

The next day the prefects Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia brought officers and soldiers to blockade the Mafu. The refugees said they were robbed by Ma San. Not only did they rob several people in Wanmatang last night, but they also used Fugui to abduct the people. However, Ma Rulong said that the entire Wanmatang was handed over to Ma San, and Ma Rulong said he had no knowledge of this matter. The officers and soldiers found accounts of human trafficking and slave trade in the suspect’s residence, and Ma Rulong quickly expressed his willingness to assist Ma San to be arrested and brought to justice. Ma Rulong led Ma San out, and Ma San was caught upright.

Shen Qingli came to prison to ask about the whereabouts of Ma San’s Phoenix-tailed needle master, saying that as long as Ma San gave him the truth, he would keep Ma San safe. Ma San did not tell him the whereabouts of the Phoenix-tailed needle master. Ma San saw through Shen Qingli’s true identity. Ma San persuaded Shen Qingli to leave quickly. He would not say Shen Qingli’s true identity.

Ma Rulong sent people to kill Ma San on the road. Shui Wuxia came to rob the prison wagon. A group of people in black set arrows in the woods. Shen Qingli saw the past and stopped them from firing arrows. Shui Wuxia smoothly took Ma San away. On the way, Ma San got an arrow. He gave Shui Wuxia a sachet. Ma San died. Shui Wuxia also recognized him as the person who killed Xiao Kaizhen back then.

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