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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 30 Recap

Xi Bin said that the child should exercise more and take him to the football club to sign up. However, he was unhappy and clamored to leave, feeling that it was meaningless. Ding Lan looked at this deserted football club and didn’t know what to say.

Shen Xiaoyan asked the manager to eat the self-healing pot, and expressed his apologies for her missed appointment. The store manager was very happy, thinking that Li Xiang had a bad temper, and regardless of whether she was at home or not, she expressed that she was worried about Shen Xiaoyan and wanted her not to be afraid. Shen Xiaoyan helped Li Xiang speak, saying that she was content to marry a local. Li Xiang came over and saw the two talking, just wanting to give Shen Xiaoyan the fruit he picked on the side of the road. Because he had scratched his arm, Shen Xiaoyan rejected him on the surface, but still thought of Li Xiang in his heart.

Xi Bin told Su Xing that there was a company in Shenzhen that was very sincere, and the conditions for the treatment were very good. Xi Bin wanted to discuss whether he could go to the south, and changing a place might help Xi Wang’s condition. Wake up and feel that Xiwang is much better now, but if I change the environment, I don’t know if it will be affected. Xi Bin wished that he would be able to get a compensation if he opened his current unit, so that he would not have to worry about the expenses of the lower part of the family.

Teacher Zhang sent the video of Xiwang’s audition to Suwa, and showed it to Xi Bin. He felt that Xiwang would be more relaxed and happy to play with the children. Su Xing knew that Xi Wang had always wanted to go to Weiyun, but his relationship with Lin Yunyun was too stale, and Weiyun’s tuition was not cheap, so he might need to find a part-time job. Xi Wang smashed the money jar, saying that he could give the money to Teacher Zhang, and he could go to Weiyun by himself.

Wake up thinking for a long time, and sent a message to Lin Yunyun, wanting to send Xiwang to Weiyun, to see if Weiyun can give him a chance. When other mothers heard it, they felt very stressed, and they didn’t want to wake up children to come to class.

Shen Zihao brought good tea to Gu Jiawei. He wanted to start a company independently. Thinking about finding a partner, he still thought it was more appropriate to wake up. Gu Jiawei believes that the ability to wake up is very strong, but his emotional intelligence is not high, and he is worried that he can’t control the wake up. Shen Zihao suggested that there is an opportunity right now, which is to let Xiwang enter Weiyun, so that he can wake up without any worries, but also attract contacts and earn an extra income. Gu Jiawei thinks it makes sense.

After returning home, Gu Jiawei was in a good mood. He took a lot of good things to Lin Yunyun and asked her to give it to his mother-in-law. Lin Yunyun was surprised, she didn’t know what was happy about Gu Jiawei. Gu Jiawei asked Lin Yunyun to recruit Xi Wang into Weiyun. Lin Yunyun said that Xi Bin had a conflict with Gu Jiawei and that Weiyun’s class was full. Gu Jiawei told Lin Yunyun to learn how to be magnanimous, so that he could make money without hitting the smiley.

Waking up as wished, I could enter Weiyun and prepared a sumptuous dinner to celebrate the good news. Xi Bin offered to wake up a glass of wine and thanked her for finally considering the problem from the perspective of Xiwang. Xiwang was very happy that she could go to the training institution she likes.

The mothers heard that Xiwang was going to Weiyun to attend class, and it must have something to do with feeling awakened, otherwise it would be difficult to enter an institution as big as Weiyun. After regaining consciousness, the mothers said that Miying’s teaching progress was very fast, worrying that their children would not be promoted in Weiyun. Teacher Zhang said that the difference between Weiyun’s education and Miying is that children can learn while playing here.

Wake up with Xiwang after school, but forgot to take the water cup. When she returned to Weiyun, she found that other mothers were preparing to have a dinner together, but they did not call herself and Xiwang. He Jinghua pretended to wake up together, but did not agree to wake up, and left with scorn. Unwilling to wake up, she must integrate into this group, and she must not let Xi Wang feel squeezed out. In order to integrate into the mothers’ collective, Awakening looks like a different person, and she will start to flatter her.

Xiaomei’s mother wants to take Xiaomei’s work to the competition, and let Su Xing help polish it, and Su Xing agreed. Xi Bin feels that waking up is not suitable for staying in the mother’s circle. Su Xing knew that Shen Zihao wanted to dig herself to go to work, but she wanted to wait for Xiwang to go to elementary school before thinking about it.

In the Weiyun organization, Duoduo was naughty running around, playing with Siyuan and the others, curious that there was electricity in the board, and wanted to try it with a paperclip. He also put the plug in the water, and when he woke up, he immediately hit his hand in order to prevent him from falling into the water. Duoduo told her mother that she woke up and beat herself and kept crying. Wake up to find that Shen Xiaoyan is working at Weiyun, knowing that it is not easy for her to take a child. Duoduo’s mother complained in the group, saying that awakening had beaten her child, Lin Yunyun replied with a message saying that she would not take the child when she was awakened.

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