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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 34 Recap

After Jones entered the office of the institute, Li Tiancheng broke the fuse, causing the institute to go into a blackout. Taking advantage of Jones’s time to go out, Li Tiancheng entered Jones’ office and photographed the familiar silver bracelet. After the institute resumed power supply, Li Tiancheng went out, pretending that he had not been in Jones’s office, and Jones was skeptical. After Li Tiancheng informed Huo Xiang of the clues he found, he went to Linshui Village to learn about Ah P’s situation, but both Xiao Si and Xiao Liu said that they had not seen her for a long time. Ah Tu and A Gou who were taken away by Ah P recently It’s gone.

When Li Tiancheng came out of Linshui Village, he happened to meet Zhou Yue who was about to enter the village. The two passed by. Li Tiancheng called back and told her to take care of herself. Zhou Yue did not look back. Qiao Yuqian went to the beach to stop Liao Yu. Liao Yu told her about the situation in her family. Her father had Alzheimer’s disease and the family had a heavy burden, so he was unwilling to let a girl bear all this with him. But Qiao Yuqian is brave, she is willing to bear with Liao Yu. She hugged Liao Yu boldly, kissed him, and Liao Yu subconsciously hugged her back to let Qiao Yuqian confirm that he really likes herself.

Zhou Yue reported her polio epidemic trajectory to Huo Xiang. She believed that the epidemic had something to do with the institute. Her clue is very important, which rationalized all the incidents. Huo Xiang immediately went to Li Tiancheng and John. With the report at hand and the clues he had at present, John would see if he could apply for a search warrant. Liang Kaili looked haggard, and she now felt that Qiao Xiangwan was more and more elusive. She had too many secrets that she didn’t know. Li Tiancheng knew to study all the problems and reminded her not to be so eager to build this research institute, but Liang Kaili put her efforts into this research institute, and she was eager to get it done.

Qiao Yuqian rarely called Liang Kaili and asked her to tell Qiao Xiangwan that she was not interested in the mine. Liang Kaili is happy to convey this to Qiao Xiangwan, but the latter thinks she is instigating Cindy, so Cindy refuses to take over the mine. The two quarreled, and Li Tiancheng accidentally learned that the so-called haunted mine was fake. In fact, there were great secrets in the old mine. However, from Liang Kaili’s reaction, she didn’t seem to know the secrets of the old mine. Qiao Dawei recovered and was discharged. Huo Xiang personally sent him out of the hospital, suggesting that he find time to find Qiao Yuqian to apologize, Qiao Dawei quickly agreed.

Wang Xiaocong taught Xinlu to sew, but Xinlu’s husband came to the door and insisted on slandering the shady relationship between Xinlu and Wang Xiaocong. He beat the unsuspecting Wang Xiaocong indiscriminately, and then passed out over excitement. After waking up, she pointed to Wang Xiaocong’s nose and cursed again. Xinlu couldn’t see it and said some nonchalant words, which made her husband Xu Dameng even more angry, letting her die in the hospital and don’t go home. Lao Wang called Wang Xiaocong and gave him a training session. Seeing the wound on his face, he couldn’t help but blame him.

Wang Xiaocong was in a bad mood at first. Pharaoh didn’t understand the situation and taught him. He felt that his parents just didn’t trust him. His father still insisted on believing that others had beaten him, it must be because of him. Wang Xiaocong hated him indiscriminately and said he was wrong. Finally, the father forced his mother to hang up the phone. Qiao Dawei went to Qiao Yuqian and apologized to her for what happened last time. Qiao Yuqian accepted his longan and forgave him. Li Tiancheng also came afterwards, first talked about her and Liao Yu, and then brought the topic to the old mine. Qiao Yuqian discovered that Li Tiancheng actually wanted her to take him to the mine.

Huo Xiang learned of the conflict between Wang Xiaocong and his father and enlightened him a few words. Qiao Yuqian took Li Tiancheng into the old mine, and the workers turned around and called immediately. The mine was sealed, as if it was newly sealed, which made Li Tiancheng feel that there was a problem with the mine.

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