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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 33 Recap

Qiao Xiangwan said strongly that Qiao Yuqian would not be allowed to invite Liao Yu to the house again, nor would she be allowed to have ties with Liao Yu. His unreasonable and unreasonable attitude made Qiao Yuqian very upset. Qiao Xiangwan specially called Li Tiancheng to the Friendly Hospital. He wanted to have a chat with Liao Yu. Qiao Xiangwan knew well about Liao Yu’s family situation. He hoped that Liao Yu could tell Qiao Yuqian truthfully so that she would die of her heart. Liao Yu was surprised and shocked when he learned that he was checking his privacy. He said that when he first came into contact with Qiao Yuqian, he never thought of hurting her, but he has not told Qiao Yuqian about his situation for a long time, so Qiao Xiangwan had to suspect that his motives were impure.

Qiao Yuqian kept calling Liao Yu. Liao Yu said that they would not meet again from now on, and then hung up the phone directly, which made Qiao Yuqian feel baffled. When Wang Xiaocong learned that Liao Yu went to see Qiao Yuqian every day, he couldn’t help but talk to Liao Yu in the restaurant about Qiao Yuqian. Liao Yu wanted to separate himself from Qiao Yuqian. Wang Xiaocong asked him if he had taken Qiao Yuqian’s feelings into consideration. Liao Yu had his own difficulties, facing Wang Xiaocong’s questioning, he instead trained him. Zhou Yue said that Liao Yu is a person who values ​​relationships very much. Once he starts a relationship, he will surely let the relationship have a result.

Zhou Yue thought of Li Tiancheng and couldn’t help but say a few words to him, leaving only Wang Xiaocong with a surprised look, thinking that she was talking about herself. Qiao Yuqian knew that Liao Yu’s abnormality was related to Qiao Xiangwan, so she ran to question. Li Tiancheng was caught in the middle, not knowing which side to stand on, which made Qiao Yuqian think he was hypocritical. Qiao Xiangwan still feels that Qiao Yuqian is too innocent. If she has nothing to do, she can take over the old mines uploaded by her ancestors. Liang Kaili did not agree to hand over the old mine to the inexperienced Qiao Yuqian. Qiao Xiangwan insisted on her opinion, even if Qiao Yuqian made the mine lose money.

Kelly Liang was very disappointed in him, she followed him to this desolate island for five years, and finally worked hard to build a world. Now the old mine is the only source of income to support the institute. Kelly Liang firmly disagrees with Qiao Xiangwan. Qiao Yuqian took care of the old mine. Besides, Qiao Yuqian’s dream was to be a doctor and had no interest in business at all. Zhou Yue gave the photo of the dead chicken in Linshui Village to Huo Xiang, and Huo Xiang said that this matter should be handled by him, and Zhou Yue can do her job well. Zhou Yue actually wanted to participate, but Huo Xiang was helpless and resolute.

After Zhou Yue left, Huo Xiang called Li Tiancheng. It turned out that they had reached an agreement long ago. Li Tiancheng investigated the polio epidemic, pretended to resign, and then went into the research institute to investigate. After hanging up the phone, Li Tiancheng told John that he had seen the protective clothing Xu Kanla bought last time, so he suspected that the institute was conducting illegal virus research. The polio epidemic might be caused by the virus leak. This speculation involves allegations and is not trivial. John said that the police could not search without evidence, but could quietly assist him. Li Tiancheng discussed with John and decided to sneak into Jones’ office to check.

Zhou Yue tried her best to persuade herself to focus on the business, and then she couldn’t help but remember the scene when Deputy Xie took herself to Linshui Village for the first time, and a series of things that had happened before. While analyzing, she checked the information on the Internet, and finally wrote two key clues, Joe’s and the Institute, in her notebook. Xiao Tang Bao was to be taken to the orphanage, thinking that Xiao Tang Bao would have a good growth environment, even if Ye Hong and Zhou Yue were reluctant to give up, they agreed with Xiao Tang Bao to leave, watching the director Wen of the orphanage take it. After leaving the small soup dumpling, Zhou Yue felt sad.

Wang Yuemei took the last look at the small soup bag. Zhou Yue sat down and chatted with her. She talked about her tragically dead baby and couldn’t help crying. Zhou Yue could feel her sadness and comforted her softly. Li Tiancheng declined the evening meal, Liang Kaili did not doubt, only asked Aunt Pan to cook him curry at night.

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