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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 32 Recap

Dr. Jones said that in the process of research and development of new drugs, we can find ways to shorten the cycle and collect enough data from human trials to quickly obtain production licenses and obtain marketing approval. Once approved for marketing, it will be huge. wealth. Li Tiancheng was keenly aware of the error, and continued to ask how to shorten the cycle. Qiao Xiangwan’s excuse to leave, temporarily let the topic stop. Because of Li Tiancheng’s sudden resignation, the big guys were in a low mood. Wu Xin suggested that Huo Xiang sing Peking Opera, and the atmosphere on the scene became lively again.

Zhou Yue has been waiting for Li Tiancheng. On the night of the full moon in Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone has something in their hearts, so the Mid-Autumn Festival tonight looks a little bleak. Liang Kaili burned the incense. She said that the mosquitoes on Zal Island are very poisonous. The incense they developed in their research not only has the effect of repelling mosquitoes, but also refreshing. Li Tiancheng asked how her mother died. Liang Kaili said that she had the J type avian flu and disappeared in just two weeks. That period was the most difficult time in her life, and it happened that Li Tiancheng disappeared again. It was Qiao Xiangwan’s company that made her spend that difficult time.

Zhou Yue called Li Tiancheng again, but Liang Kaili was interrupted and simply helped Li Tiancheng answer the phone. Li Tiancheng didn’t stop Liang Kaili, and watched Liang Kaili say cruel words to Zhou Yue on the other side of the phone. At this time, Zhou Yue was full of mixed feelings. Seeing her appearance, Huo Xiang asked if she was waiting for Li Tiancheng. Zhou Yue denied it and left soon. Work is getting less busy. Ye Hong suggested to set up a maternity school here to teach them yoga for pregnant women. If you hang Zhouyue’s account, you can register first. Soon, the maternity school opened, and many pregnant women admired the Tathagata.

When Zhou Yue was giving a lecture, someone asked her if she was barren, but Zhou Yue was not angry. She said that she had been in a car accident before, which caused a broken pelvis, but after a thorough examination, she is now fertile. There are also people who think that if this kind of thing happened, it would be unlucky to have a child. Zhou Yue followed the method and used the stories of Chinese doctors to eliminate their feudal and conservative ideas. Liao Yu did not expect that Zhou Yue dared to speak out her own privacy in front of so many people. It was commendable for her courage. Qiao Xiangwan decided to expropriate the land of Linshui Village and relocate the villagers to the West District.

Many villagers are very happy, but Qiao is unwilling. He feels that there is no gold falling from the sky. Later, Kelly Leung accidentally said that Li Tiancheng was about to become the director of the new hospital. Qiao Youzhi’s expression changed and his attitude towards Li Tiancheng took a 180-degree turn, thinking that he disliked public hospitals for making less money and went there. private hospital. Wang Xiaocong and Zhou Yue heard their conversation on the sidelines.

Zhou Yue asked to talk to Li Tiancheng. She never expected that Li Tiancheng would leave the friendly hospital because of profit. As a colleague, she needs to remind him that the source of the polio epidemic has not been found out yet, and Qiao Xiangwan’s requisition of the land in Linshui Village at this point in time seems very suspicious and strange.

Zhou Yue and Wang Xiaocong went to find the dead chicken just now, but it actually disappeared. Liao Yu accompanied Qiao Yuqian, and the two chatted about their original intention to be a doctor. Talking about the moon and the sky, Liao Yu should also go back to the friendly hospital, Qiao Yuqian limped out to send him. Qiao Yuqian asked Liao Yu to call herself Cindy in the future, and they could get along like friends. She even took the initiative to kiss Liao Yu on the cheek boldly. As soon as Liao Yu left, Qiao Xiangwan came back uninvited and accused Qiao Yuqian and Liao Yu of being alone with each other.

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