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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 6 Recap

Although it is really indecent for Cai Juying to spoil her in public, she is too old, and she is here for her grandson, and the parents around them all have empathy and help to intercede. Seeing that the security guards came one after another, Nan Li hurried forward to persuade the two parties to have a conflict. However, Zhong Yi was not moved at all, saying that choosing numbers is a small class. It has long been expressly stipulated that only eight people should be recruited. If Yan Ziyou has to forcefully join, unless the children of other parents voluntarily withdraw from the gold medal class.

When this was said, the scene was silent, after all, no one wanted to abandon the future of the child. Cai Juying had no other choice. Under Nan Li and Manager Cui’s persuasion, she finally ended the farce and went home alone to talk to her daughter about what happened today. Although Nan Li’s willingness to speak for Cai Juying is unbelievable, Tian Yulan’s focus is not on this, but angrily accuses her mother of making trouble by herself, especially in front of Nan Li, which has completely embarrassed her.

Cai Juying didn’t understand why her daughter had such a big reaction, but Tian Yulan suffered too much in her heart, because she had to look at people’s faces since she was a child, and her mother’s family was unreliable, unable to stand up, and on the contrary, she was looked down upon by her in-laws. Although Tian Yulan has never complained in front of others, she is facing a situation that is difficult for other people to empathize. That’s why Yan Ziyou is forced to study hard and build a world with her own ability.

After Cai Juying left, Tian Yulan lay on the bed and wept bitterly. At the same time, she regretted that she had spoken so much that hurt her mother. Although Tian Yulan was criticized because she was the daughter of Xiaosan, she was still self-reliant. Yan Peng knew his wife’s difficulties, so he patiently coaxed her and promised to let the old couple of Yan family go out and settle the matter in person.

Regardless of whether Yan Peng is usually unreliable, he is also the darling of the Yan family and his wife, but every request must be answered, especially it is related to the grandson’s life event. In order to please her parents-in-law, Tian Yulan put on the red dress that her mother-in-law bought for herself. Compared with the suggestions of her son and daughter-in-law, Yan’s father wanted to know the true thoughts of her grandson.

Originally, Yan Ziyou had no interest in the cram school, and she was about to deny it, but when she saw the look her mother was expecting, she finally nodded against her will. Persuading the old couple to help, Tian Yulan seemed to have fallen asleep, so she changed into that sexy pajamas that night to reward her husband Yan Peng.

After learning that Cai Juying had made a fool of herself in educational institutions, Zhao Na secretly mocked Cai Juying’s mother and daughter for being impotent and wanting to climb up. There are no educated people in the family for three generations, so they can only get three colleges by grabbing a dad. Naturally, they want the next generation. Win glory. Compared with Cai Juying’s ignorance, Zhao Na’s usual vicious language also made Nan Li somewhat uncomfortable.

The CEO of the Horse Racing Group asked Xia Junshan to help him design the group building, but he would deny Xia Junshan’s design drawings every time, and even wanted to incorporate his own creativity into the design. Looking at the strange and messy ideas of Chinese and Western integration, Xia Junshan quit on the spot, and was too lazy to cooperate with the aesthetics of such nouveau riche.

After several days of tutoring in mathematics, Xia Junshan is very confident in her daughter and expects to make great progress. On the day when Fengfan Primary School scored, Xia Junshan and Nan Li returned home from get off work early and ran into the study excitedly. The two looked at the report card with anticipation. They did not expect that Xia Huanhuan’s exam was unsatisfactory.

Although he passed the test of 70 points, he still ranked last in the class. Xia Junshan contacted Teacher Lu to find out about the situation and found that she had made deviations in the counseling process. Xia Huanhuan, who has always been strong, faced two bottoms. The psychological pressure made her almost collapse, and she couldn’t help but curse Xia Junshan as a liar.

Xia Huanhuan hid in the toilet and cried loudly. Nan Li knew that her daughter couldn’t listen to any comfort now, so she asked her youngest son Xia Chao to accompany him. Xia Junshan felt a little distressed, especially when she learned that Xia Huanhuan was ridiculed in school, so she decided to sign up for her selective training.

Early the next morning, Yan Peng’s parents, accompanied by Tian Yulan, took the initiative to find Manager Cui and tried to exchange a gold medal class for their precious grandson with donated equipment. At first, the conversation was pretty good, but Yan Mu’s arrogant words completely offended Manager Cui, and the matter was nothing. Xia Junshan and Nan Li took their daughters to select a number of inspections. After all, this is the most famous educational institution in the city. It is indeed more targeted than other cram schools. As a result, Xia Huanhuan passed the test and still couldn’t enter the competition class.

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