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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 29 Recap

Under Lu Tianjiao’s suggestion, Mengmo decided to settle in Beiping, so he said goodbye to Jin Xingjian and others before leaving. Jin Xingjian knew that they had no acquaintances in Beiping, so he gave Lu Tianjiao a copy of the revised book. As soon as he arrived in Beiping, he would go to Jiabeile, and he would naturally have a place to stay.

Lian Xuan and Xiao Qing found a cave through the evil spirit, and the more they walked in, the more they could feel the cold surrounding them, until they reached the end, they discovered that there was a stone gate. After opening the stone gate, one can see the ice and snow. The surrounding area seems to be different from the outside world. An ice sculpture is placed in the center, which contains the body of the blood bat king.

After the blood bat king was robbed of the demon pill by Yu Shaobai, there has been no news since, and now he appears in the cold cave. Lian Xuan guessed that Yu Shaobai wanted to replace his mortal body with this immortal body. If Yu Shaobai’s plan is successful, I am afraid that no one in the world can destroy him. Just in case, Lian Xuan decided to destroy the body first.

However, before Lian Xuan could take action, Yu Shaobai came with the one-eyed general, and the four scuffled together. However, because of Shaobai’s strong mana, he was seriously injured in three or two strokes. Lian Xuan sprayed a mouthful of blood on the ice sculpture, unexpectedly the ice sculpture melted suddenly, Yu Shaobai saw it and then shot a heavy injury, the blood bat body completely appeared.

Seeing this kind of scene, Lian Xuan suddenly realized that he was actually caught in Yu Shaobai’s trap. He had long known that the blood of Demon Fu could dissolve ice sculptures. Lian Xuan wanted to take the opportunity to attack the corpse, but Yu Shaobai blocked it with his body, seeing that this posture was to completely abandon his current body.

As Yu Shaobai merged with the corpse of the Blood Bat King, Ye Ming suddenly felt pain and fell to the ground on the spot. Xiaoqing wanted to take Lian Xuan away, but the one-eyed general had already blocked the door. Although he was not Lian Xuan’s opponent, Yu Shaobai’s appearance instantly reversed the situation. No matter what Lian Xuan tried his best, it was still difficult to hurt Yu Shaobai, but was defeated by him.

Just as Yu Shaobai was about to kill Lian Xuan, Xiao Qing rushed in front of Lian Xuan to block a blow, and the demon pill was completely shattered. Lian Xuan took the opportunity to hug Xiaoqing and left. The one-eyed general was too injured and begged Yu Shaobai to save himself. He didn’t know that Yu Shaobai regarded him as an abandoned son.

Because Xiaoqing was too badly injured, she was already incapable of returning to the sky, so she leaned in Lianxuan’s arms before she died, regretting to breathe. At the same time, Ye Ming gradually woke up, and suddenly felt that his body was healed, as if he was reborn, but this discovery was not a good thing for the two of them. Jin Xingjian knew that Yu Shaobai was stronger, so he planned to get the seal back as soon as possible. After Ye Ming understood the cause and effect, he finally understood that the magic weapon that had been released before was the seal.

Lian Xuan returned to Huaxue Zhai with Xiao Qing on his back, begging Jin Xingjian to save people with a seal, but unfortunately the demon pill was broken, even Jin Xingjian had no way. Seeing Xiaoqing dissipate into dust in Lian Xuan’s arms, Ye Ming couldn’t bear it, Lian Xuan was in grief, and angered Ye Ming was the culprit of all this.

Now that Yu Shaobai has an immortal body, no one can stop his madness. When Thunder Tribulation arrives, even if Yu Shaobai doesn’t take Ye Ming’s inner alchemy, Jin Xingjian still can’t protect Ye Ming. Apart from killing Ye Ming, no one can end all this. Ye Ming knows that she and Yu Shaobai are connected to each other by life and death, so she has made a decision to die with the other party.

Jin Xingjian didn’t know this, and was still kept in the dark. That night, Ye Ming couldn’t help but hug Yu Shaobai and told him his heart. Originally, Jin Xingjian was full of joy when he heard Ye Ming’s desire to get married, but when he heard that something was wrong, when he reacted, he was stunned by Ye Ming’s spell.

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