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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 28 Recap

Lu Tianjiao was unhappy on the day Mengmo cast a spell to search for memories. She knew how dangerous this thing would be and what the consequences would be. But Mengmo felt that since Jin Xingjian and Ye Ming had helped him a lot, it was time to fulfill their promises and repay them, so they promised to come back intact and would never let Lu Tianjiao wait for a long time.

Ye Ming knows Jin Xingjian’s inner anxiety, and he said that if God is pitying and let her find the memories of the past, her greatest hope is to have good results with Jin Xingjian. Although the process was difficult and difficult, she hoped to find her complete self. Because of this, Ye Ming finally came to that extremely cold place under the guidance of Mengmo.

Because there are blizzards in the extremely cold place every once in a while, Ye Ming finds the memory snowflakes at an extremely fast speed, thereby releasing the previously sealed memories. Through the memory scene, Ye Ming saw that she met Yu Shaobai for the first time thousands of years ago, and then later met and fell in love.

The Jin Xingjian in the picture is still the little stone that looks like a child. He was jealous of Yu Shaobai and was loved by Ye Ming, so he asked Yu Shaobai for trouble three times and even beat him up. At first, Yu Shaobai was still a weak scholar with a gentle personality, but the longer it took him, Yu Shaobai seemed to have changed, and he wanted to get ahead by joining the army.

During this period, the little stone changed into an adult appearance, which is now Jin Xingjian, but Yeming was only interested in Shaobai, and decisively refused Jin Xingjian’s show of love. Tired of ordinary life, Yu Shaobai insisted on leaving his hometown despite Ye Ming’s retention. In the days that followed, Ye Ming frequently used his divine power to save Yu Shaobai who should have died on the battlefield, one after another, still unable to change Yu Shaobai’s heart.

Until the last battle, Ye Ming wanted to save Jin Xingjian with divine power, but he didn’t know that the opponent had already captured the blood bat king’s inner alchemy, and then fell into the magic way. Just when Yu Shaobai wanted to steal the Pearl, fortunately Jin Xingjian rushed to stop him in time, but he was connected with Ye Ming Yuanshen, even if Jin Xingjian was angry, he still couldn’t do it.

Knowing the truth, Ye Ming decided to sever ties with Yu Shaobai and never see each other. As time came to the Republic of China, Gu Jiazhuang’s brutal destruction completely broke the peace of Jin Xingjian and Ye Ming. In that battle, Jin Xingjian and Lian Xuan broke Yu Shaobai’s plan. Ye Ming wanted to die with Yu Shaobai, but Jin Xingjian didn’t want to witness it with his own eyes, so he put Ye Ming into a deep sleep and sealed Yu Shaobai in the painting.

Seeing the cause and effect of the incident, Ye Ming burst into tears, but he was confused by the illusion and was trapped in a dream. Jin Xingjian broke into his dream without hesitation, saw the tornado hit, and pushed Ye Ming away. But Ye Ming did not leave, but rushed to hug Jin Xingjian, preferring to be sealed with him.

Mengmo realized that Jin Xingjian and others were in danger, cast a spell again to prop up the tornado, and successfully rescued Jin Xingjian and Ye Ming. The two escaped, and Mengmo was also safe, except that he was physically exhausted and was so tired that he fainted on the spot. That night, Ye Ming served Jin Xingjian to rest. He couldn’t help complaining about his impulsive behavior, but he felt a little sweet and warm in his heart.

Lu Tianjiao stood by the bed of Mengmo, and finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw him gradually waking up. The next morning, Jin Xingjian’s body had recovered, and Mengyao had cut his hair and beard, not as sloppy as before, and he looked much handsomer. Although living in Huaxuezhai is relatively comfortable now, Lu Tianjiao still hopes to have his own house. After all, it is not a long-term solution to send someone under the fence. Mengmo promised to accompany Lu Tianjiao forever and work hard to give her a good and happy life.

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