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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 1 Recap

During the summer joint military exercise, the missile launch site, the Rocket Army’s 270 brigade participated in the exercise, and the commander issued a launch request. Although he encountered difficulties in the middle, fortunately Brigade Commander An Lei personally adjusted the launch parameters. After the missile launch successfully destroyed the target, the commander was silent for a long time An Lei, the echelon construction of grassroots officers and soldiers, has a long way to go.

A car was loaded with recruits wearing camouflage uniforms and red flowers on their chests. They joined the Rockets Ace Troop-270 Brigade. As An Lei said, their youth will be ignited here. At the welcome ceremony for recruits, after the trumpeter was in place, Xia Zhuo, Ouyang Jun, Lin Anbang, Yi Zimeng and others looked at the solemn sight in front of them with curiosity, but Xia Zhuo suddenly shouted a report. With unstoppable eyes, they asked the chief a question, why didn’t they run to the launching pad directly after giving the command of the trumpeter in place?

This was a waste of time. Xia Zhuo thinks that they are wasting time just to look good. He doesn’t understand this behavior. Lu Zheng was so angry that after the ceremony, he scolded Xia Zhuo. Xia Zhuo was very aggrieved, but the chief also said that he had raised this question very well. Xia Zhuo said frankly that he can completely obey the rules and regulations, but he is not wrong to think more about the problem! Lu Zheng almost collapsed, shaking with anger.

Lu Zheng went to find An Lei to file a complaint. He did not expect that An Lei was really calculating the issues raised by Xia Zhuo. Xia Zhuo dared to put forward his own opinions in public. An Lei liked it very much. An Lei did not agree to transfer from his class. According to army tradition, Lu Zheng poured everyone a cup of hot water and a basin of footwash to let everyone feel the warmth. Lin Anbang suddenly sobbed and flattered, and all of a sudden Lu Zheng was speechless.

After Lu Zheng left, Xia Zhuo and others began to complain about Lin Anbang’s shame, and Ouyang Jun, who had always been the rival of Xia Zhuo, silently held his forehead, and gathered together. Xia Zhuo and others replied that his mouth was dirty, and the atmosphere suddenly froze. The four of them were college classmates before, and Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun choked directly, and the two ran for a heads-up.

Before Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun singled out, they made a bet. Those who lost had to wash each other’s clothes until they were discharged. An Lei, who was watching from the side, was a little depressed. This is the super brain he recruited from the university. If it is put together in the future, it must be a golden partner. Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun drew a tie, but the two were still more committed than fighting freely. Upon seeing this, An Lei hurried forward and ordered them to go back to the dormitory.

After Lv Zheng learned that Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun were singled out, he started a shift to criticize Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun, and asked them to wash the socks and shoes of everyone in the class. After Lu Zheng left, Ouyang Jun took a step to the side, and Xia Zhuo also took a naive step, and the two were eight feet away.

Deputy Commander Fang didn’t want to see formalism, so he came to visit WeChat privately. Everyone was training, and Lu Zheng was called by An Lei, saying that an old reporter from the newspaper had come to stay in the company. This reporter was the Deputy Commander Fang who came to visit Weifu privately, and he also called Xia Zhuozai’s class. Lv Zheng took over as the company commander temporarily, so Ouyang Jun was asked to temporarily take over as the squad leader and Yi Zimeng was the deputy squad leader. Ouyang Jun was very happy, but he did not expect that Lv Zheng’s purpose was to let Ouyang Jun restrain Xia Zhuo and Xia Zhuo’s buddies restrain Ouyang Jun. .

In order to take care of the older Deputy Commander Fang, Ouyang Jun asked him to sleep in the lower bunk. Seeing this, Xia Zhuo also persuaded Deputy Commander Fang to live in the lower bunk. Deputy Commander Fang was very surprised to see Xia Zhuo. He is the legendary super brain and world champion. During the training, the missile car passed by, which drew the shock of the recruits. Xia Zhuo sighed when they could touch the missile car. Deputy Commander Fang told them that what had just passed was the new equipment of the Rocket Army.

He was very pleased to see their determination to become qualified trumpeters, but the trumpeter was by no means a title and a post, it was a glory and mission. They In his hand are the country’s trump cards and trump cards. Ouyang Jun and Xia Zhuo questioned the identity of each other’s deputy commander. What he said just now was too professional. Deputy Commander Fang said that he is really a newspaper reporter!

Old comrades-in-arms came to see Lu Zheng, he was transferred to the newspaper, and Lu Zheng mentioned that they have a colleague here to experience life. The comrades were dumbfounded, saying that there was no such person in their unit. When everyone was playing basketball, Yi Zimeng said that there would be a small meeting. Xia Zhuo and others were speechless to tease his fans, but Yi Zimeng was very serious. He originally wrote a detailed report and wanted to start in the class. Lu Zheng brought his comrades to the playground and looked at them from a distance. When he saw Deputy Commander Fang, he quickly told Lu Zheng that this newspaper reporter was the new deputy commander!

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