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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 9 Racap

When Lulu’s grandmother was arguing with Subei, Lu Nan woke up and shouted in his mouth that he hoped Subei would not leave. After leaving the hospital, Subei told Ye Ting that Lu Feier had tore her face with herself. It turned out that Lu Feier was a child adopted by the Lu family from an orphanage. She might have some thoughts about Lu Nan’s love between men and women.

At the hospital, Lu Nan discussed with Yun Fan, pretending to be dizzy and let Subei visit him. Subei came to the hospital and saw through Lu Nan’s disguise and laughed at him that he would be unable to move his hands and feet in a few days. Lu Nan realized that he was pretending to be dizzy and was dismantled. So expressly hoped that Northern Jiangsu stayed with him.

The couple talked in the hospital. Lu Nan said that the northern part of Jiangsu should not turn left and put himself in a dangerous situation when facing a truck. Northern Jiangsu accused Lu Nan should not disassemble the seat belt to protect himself regardless of safety. Lu Nan responded If you don’t protect northern Jiangsu, you will regret it.

Kris officially became Gu’s little model. One day, after he got his salary after shooting, he asked his tutor to bring himself to the hospital to visit Lu Nan. Kreis didn’t know that Lu Nan was awake, so he gave him the salary he earned. At this time Lu Nan woke up, he reluctantly said that he was not a father, and he could not play football, let alone hold high. At this time, Subei Ye Ting came in and quickly took Kreis away.

Lu Nan was discharged from the hospital, and when he returned home, he saw that his grandma was about to let the servants pack up Subei’s belongings and throw them out. He hurriedly stopped and said that he must take Subei home. If grandma didn’t want to see Subei, she insisted. She leaves, then she will leave with it. Grandma Lu still asked to drive away Subei. Lu Nan used a bitter trick to pretend to have a headache and said that he could drive Subei away. Then Huanzhen and Xia’s cooperation could only be arranged by herself. Grandma saw him. Feeling ill, helplessly temporarily dispelled the idea of ​​driving away Subei.

In the living room, Lu Feier was talking with Subei. Lu Feier said that since Grandma Lu had already explained, Subei should not continue to entangle him. Subei knew that Lu Feier had tormented her face, so she said unceremoniously. Lu Nan likes herself very much.

Lu Nan returned to the company to work. Subei informed him that Amy had heard that many people in Xia were willing to cooperate with Huanzhen. If the transfection technology can make a breakthrough at this time, even if Gu is willing to make a profit in the future , Huanzhen and Xia’s chances of cooperation are still greater, so now the key is to find Phi Xiangjin, but since Aunt Lan’s accident, Phi Xiangjin also disappeared.

That night, North Jiangsu invited Gu Yan to dinner, and Lu Nan went to the restaurant when he was jealous. Lu and Gu were jealous for fighting for North Jiangsu.

The next day at the company, Yunfan showed Lu Nan the video of his wedding with Subei that year. Lu Nan suddenly felt dizzy. He seemed to think of some clips of his past. Yun Fan believes that the past cannot be pursued. Since the seven years of Northern Jiangsu have been lost, the seven years will never be able to return. It is better to seize the present and pursue Northern Jiangsu again. Lu Nan asked Yunfan to write himself a plan for retrieving northern Jiangsu, and Yunfan agreed.

At night, Lu Nan pretended to have a fever and pretended to be weak in front of Subei according to the plan. Subei saw the hot water bottle he had hidden and instantly understood Lu Nan’s tricks. The next morning, Lu Nan made fried eggs and wiped the corners of Subei’s mouth, so gentle.

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