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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 48 Recap

Ding Wei believes that if the sacrificial ceremony is cancelled tomorrow, it will definitely arouse suspicion. It is better to send someone back to Beijing to report the news to the emperor and queen. On the other side, Liu E seemed to perceive something, just standing quietly on the observatory, gazing at the dark sky. The anxiety in his heart always felt that something big was happening, and I don’t know what the state of Yuan Kan was in the distance…

After bidding farewell to Yuan Kan, Su Yijian was going to return to Beijing to confess the letter in person, but was strongly opposed by Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo. Su Yijian decided to leave tonight, but Ding Wei deliberately mentioned that his son Ding Xianrong was on duty tonight. Su Yijian naturally heard what Ding Wei meant, and couldn’t help being annoyed at Ding Wei’s arbitrariness. Cao took the initiative to propose that he should go to report the letter, and in order to dispel Su Yijian’s suspicion, he personally appeared in front of Yuan Kan’s body. Swear, then immediately set off to return to Beijing.

Liu E dreamed that Yuan Kan was holding his hand and bid farewell to him calmly, and then fell into the abyss. Liu E woke up suddenly, and the maid came to report. Speaking of Cao Xiu coming to see him, Liu E immediately noticed that something was wrong. Sure enough, Cao Xiu quickly reported Yuan Kan’s death. The heartbroken Liu E also had no time to be sad, and immediately ordered General Guo Chongxin to come. Guo Chong believed in Liu E’s instructions to go to Prince Ji’s Mansion and bring King Ji into the palace. When Taifu Cao asked what was going on, General Guo didn’t reveal much, but said that all the palaces of the emperor’s relatives were guarded by imperial troops.

Liu E asked Concubine Shu to take care of her, benefiting and lucid, so she went to meet Wang Ji. As soon as Wang Ji saw Liu E, he threw out all his questions. Liu E said frankly that Yuan Kan had passed away. This would allow Wang Ji to stay in the palace temporarily.

I didn’t expect Liu E to still guess that he had Wang Ji was very helpless about the idea of ​​seizing the throne, but Liu E explained that he was just an insurance move, and Wang Ji had to nod his head to agree. Liu E ordered Cao to guard the king of Ji. Cao didn’t expect Liu E to trust him so much, and he was very moved. General Guo came to report that Princess Ji kept requesting to meet with King Ji.

Liu E simply agreed and let Princess Ji enter the palace to accompany King Ji. Unexpectedly, when Princess Ji saw King Ji, she brought her father’s words to King Ji and asked King Ji to seize the throne. Seeing the princess kneeling down and begging, King Ji was extremely helpless. When Princess Ji said, now she only needs a command from King Ji. , Cao Taifu will help arrange, Ji Wang really began to hesitate, then who will deliver the letter? Concubine Ji watched her elder brother Cao Xiu come in to deliver meals, and was overjoyed, but Cao Cao didn’t pay any attention to it, just doing business.

Liu E and Yiyi have a meal together. Watching Liu E have nothing to eat and drink these days, Yiyi has already noticed something has happened, but Liu E kept silent. Yiyi emphasized that now he has been crowned, and he is an adult. Liu E just confided the news, tears of benefit flowed out, but he still comforted Liu E, and he cared about Liu E.

Cao used to patrol outside the palace. Unexpectedly, there was a sudden movement inside. When Cao used to enter, he saw Princess Ji collapse on the ground, stroking her belly with pain. Concerned about his younger sister, Cao quickly sent someone to call the imperial physician, but as soon as the people around him walked away, Princess Ji held onto Cao’s hand. Now Cao is in charge of all the soldiers in the harem, and Princess Ji asks Cao to use Liu to control Liu. E mother and son, bluntly said that the king of Ji is the rightful heir to the throne.

Cao used a mouthful of refusal, saying that Liu E was shrewd and capable, and the prince was wise, but Princess Ji interrupted, saying that Liu E would definitely condemn Cao’s family based on the fire incident in the future. No matter how hard Cao uses, it will not help. Listening to his sister’s words, Cao used a little unnatural expression in his eyes.

Liu E was going to bring some supplements to take care of the princess, who knew the farce inside was only when the imperial doctor arrived. Cao used his orders to take away Princess Ji. Wang Ji was irritated and drew his sword. Liu E walked in and said that he really didn’t want to target King Ji. He even arranged for Cao who had in-laws to take advantage of him. When Wang Ji listened to Liu E’s words, he couldn’t help letting go of his vigilance. Liu E took the sharp knife in Wang Ji’s hand and ordered the imperial physician to take care of Princess Ji. Cao used his sister who had fainted and was helpless and had to wave his sleeves and leave.

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