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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 47 Recap

Yuan Kan looked towards the top of Mount Tai, agreed to Wang Qinruo’s arrangement, and appointed ten ministers to accompany him to the convocation of Zen. In the imperial palace, the benefit was concentrated on reading, but the Qing Wu on the side was putting the paper kite, and the paper kite was disconnected. Qing Wu asked the benefit to help him take it down. The benefit was impatient and had to let his hand go and help.

At the moment Yuan Kan was about to go to Feng Chan, Kou Zhun sent a memo in which it was written that Kou Zhun used his money to reward Tianjin soldiers. Yuan Kan was very angry and ordered Su Yijian to immediately recall Kou Zhun to the capital. Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo, who were fanning the flames, were shocked, but they didn’t dare to let Yuan Kan change his mind.

Qingwu’s paper kite accidentally floated to the direction of Lengwu. Qingwu felt very sorry for the paper kite and claimed that his father made it for himself. After benefiting, he had to bring Qingwu to Lenggong and open the door. Qingwu obtained his own paper kite. Unexpectedly, Wan’er happened to be seen. As soon as she saw the beneficiary face, without introducing too much, Wan’er knew that she was the one she missed day and night. She quickly brought the beneficiary into the bedroom and couldn’t help asking about the beneficiary’s illness and Yuan Kan’s situation , Liu E’s situation, when she learned that Liu E was overworked to take care of her, Wan’er was deeply moved. She just called for her to be filial to Yuan Kan and Liu E.

Seeing that Wan’er coughed violently, she couldn’t help but pat Wan’er’s. On the back, the person in front of me seemed strange, but it gave Beneficiary a familiar feeling. Wan’er told Beneficiary not to disclose today’s affairs, and also declined Beneficiary’s request to visit again. She just watched the two leave silently, with a smile on her mouth. .

Before Liu E came to the Buddha statue, Galing had been copying scriptures in the Buddhist hall for a long time. Liu E said that the Liao Kingdom had sent documents. It turned out that Shou Kang was pregnant. Galing heard that Yelv Zong would like to treat Shou Kang well and was very happy. The two sat down to copy the scriptures together. On the other side, Yuan Kan and the ministers climbed Mount Tai. The road became narrower and narrower.

Yuan Kan only asked Su Yijian to accompany him on the journey. The two looked at the mist and everything under the mountain, and couldn’t help talking about the way of the monarch. Yuan Kan does not seek a momentary fame, and everything is left to future generations to evaluate. Silently took out the kit Liu E prepared from his sleeve, which contained the vows of the two men once embroidered by Liu E. Gentleness rushed to his heart for a while, Yuan Kan turned around and talked to Su Yijian about the Queen’s reign. Yuan Kan must be convinced that Su Yijian was loyal, so he helped him up and said nothing more.

At the beginning of the Zen conferring ceremony, Wang Qinruo and other ministers began to preside, Yuan Kan bowed sincerely and prayed for the benefit, and then a group of teams went to Mount Tai. Unexpectedly, when he arrived at the foot of the mountain, Yuan Kan decided to take the jade spy and jade album with him to the top of the mountain alone. The ministers were worried, but Yuan Kan insisted on going forward, and the ministers had to bow their heads.

Silently watched Yuan Kan walk into the mist. Two hours later, the ministers gradually became worried and decided to go up the mountain to check Yuan Kan’s situation. When he reached the top of the mountain, Su Yijian looked at Yuan Kan’s stiff body, and after a long time there was no movement, he guessed that Yuan Kan in front of him had gone west.

Zhang Jingzong has settled Yuan Kan’s body, Ding Wei and others decided to return to the capital immediately before the news is leaked…

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