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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 46 Recap

Wang Qinruo took the initiative to ask Yuan Kan to go to Mount Tai to enshrine the Zen. The ministers agreed. Yuan Kan agreed with the situation and ordered Liu E to supervise the country and let Su Yijian and others wait for the army to prepare for a surprise attack. With everything in place, Yuan Kan decided to go to Mount Tai in person five days later.

Yuan Kan came to the beneficiary’s bedroom and personally fed the beneficiary medicine. Yuan Kan had already heard that Yuan Kan would go to Mount Tai to confess Zen for himself. He couldn’t help but worry about the cost and cost of cultivating Zen. He began to persuade Yuan Kan not to go to Mount Tai. However, Yuan Kan took the benefit to the archery range and taught him how to archery. Liu E was watching, the father and son were talking and laughing, and Liu E was very pleased. The day passed quickly, and I was so happy that I benefited, even mumbling about archery in my sleep.

At this moment, the maid came to report that Liu E was anxious when talking about the recurrence of the old concubine Chen’s illness, and quickly arranged for the maid to prepare everything for Wan’er. Yuan Kan was also ashamed of listening, so he went to Yuchen Palace in person. When Wan’er saw Yuan Kan’s face, she couldn’t help but burst into tears. The beauty of the year was already full of white hair and looked very haggard. Wan’er threw herself into Yuan Kan’s arms. Yuan Kan said that she would be a few days later.

To go to Mount Tai to pray, Wan’er became worried at once. Yuan Kan said that Liu E would take care of her, and everything can be at ease. Hearing that the benefit is a princely demeanor, and capable of literary and military skills, Wan’er gradually smiled and listened with satisfaction.

As Yuan Kan said, he kept thinking about it in his mind. Yuan Kan’s headache struck again, but he insisted on talking to Wan’er about Liu E’s care for the benefit. Wan’er was deeply moved after hearing this. Perhaps the prince of Song Dynasty needs not just a mother, but a knowledge of the general body and the world. Lead the way. After so many years, Wan’er had no resentment towards Liu E and Yuan Kan in her heart.

It was just that the fire that year was so bitter that Wan’er fell from heaven to hell. Yuan Kan still felt guilty after hearing it, so he quietly handed over the imperial decree he had prepared, and his stubborn illness constantly swallowed his energy. Now these people are the most unwilling to let go. For the sake of everything, Yuan Kan feels that this imperial decree is made by Waner. Custody is the safest.

In his sleep, the pain once again raided Yuan Kan’s nerves until Yuan Kan was speechless in pain, but still prevented Liu E from calling the imperial physician. Liu E couldn’t help but worry about the ceremony of enshrining Zen in a few days, and began to persuade Yuan Kan to give up. But Yuan Kan insisted on this journey of blessing. Liu E listened to Yuan Kan intermittently saying that he had arranged everything, but before Yuan Kan finished speaking, the pain flashed again, Liu E was distressed, and quickly took out himself. He combed Yuan Kan’s hair gently, Yuan Kan’s panic finally calmed down, Yuan Kan went on to say that he went to visit Wan’er, Liu E naturally wanted to visit, but Wan’er insisted not to see each other again. , The sisters’ love disappeared, and Liu E felt sorrow again in her heart.

About to set off, Liu E personally changed Yuan Kan’s clothes and looked at Yuan Kan with tears. He also wanted to follow in Yuan Kan’s footsteps, but he had to sit in front of the harem. Liu E secretly handed a brocade box to Yuan Kan. Asked not to open it now, and the two agreed to return safely.

Qingwu sneaked into the bedroom of the beneficiary, and forced him to feed the beneficiary a candy red fruit. As the tone of the beneficiary eased, the barrier between the two was resolved. A few days later, Yuan Kan arrived at Mount Tai and Fengtai. Ding Wei told the ceremonies of Feng Chan. Wang Qinruo also presented the regulations of Feng Chan, and everything was ready.

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