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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 43 Recap

Wang Ziyang showed Olsen the shipping list of the Blue Star that year. They transported the contraband sodium-potassium alloy, and sodium-potassium alloy will generate huge heat energy when it encounters water, leaving no trace after the explosion. Olsen told Wang Ziyang the truth: the captain found him personally and gave him a sum of money, so Olsen arranged for Francis and Allen to move the cargo delivered by the captain to the warehouse until the day before disembarking.

There was an accident. How many family tragedies Wang Ziyang was angry that this incident had caused, wouldn’t Olsen look at Ding Kai every day with a conscience disturbed? Olsen said they could use the cruise ship explosion caused by safety hazards to silence everyone. At this time, Olsen received a call from Ding Kai. Ding Kai was entering the port in the simulation cabin of the Ark, but he tried several times without success. Olsen explained the problem in detail, and Ding Kai immediately started. Wang Ziyang did not expect that Olsen would teach Ding Kai his experience without reservation.

Olsen admitted that he did not believe that the Chinese could serve as a senior seaman before, but Wang Ziyang and Ding Kai let him see it. The development of the cruise industry is in China. He offered to make a deal with Wang Ziyang, and Wang Ziyang gave himself the evidence of the Blue Star, and he made sure that Wang Ziyang’s deputy captain’s dream came true. Wang Ziyang regretfully told Olsen that he had handed over the evidence to the company before the ship set sail, and believed that the company might have handed it over to the Maritime Safety Administration.

Olsen couldn’t figure out that Wang Ziyang’s purpose of finding evidence was not to exchange the position of deputy captain? Wang Ziyang admitted that he had really thought about it before, but he woke him up with a person’s words. He felt that it was too tired to live like this. He should take off the mask of hypocrisy so that he could stand up in front of her and be a human.

Face your heart bravely. Olsen felt that this last voyage made him realize the captain’s dream, and he also learned very important things, and it was worth it. He accepts the punishment after dawn, but there is a requirement: Francis is kept in the dark, I hope he will not be punished, and everything will be borne by himself.

Ding Kai’s simulation experiment finally succeeded. He excitedly called Mr. Tang in the middle of the night to report the good news, and was very confident to convince the company’s executives. Mr. Tang couldn’t sleep either. He went downstairs and had a drink with Annie to congratulate him. Annie reported to Tang’s father. Tianyue sent out travel data, suggesting that the Ark could be combined with public welfare tourism to promote exchanges between countries. Ding Kai solved the technical problems and they have new ideas. Everyone will definitely get what they want.

At the Luoya headquarters meeting, Chen Anni first demonstrated the rapid development of China’s cruise industry with data to the headquarters, and then Ding Kai showed everyone the operation of the Ark’s entry into the port. Some people questioned: The Ark is large in size, and Shanghai Port can accommodate it at all. No, should it ask the Maritime Safety Administration to clear other cargo ships every time it imports and exports to Shanghai? This question is very acute, and the meeting announced a temporary break. Someone at the headquarters told Hathaway privately that this proposal was unlikely. On the other side of the Ocean, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration took Olson away after approaching the port.

In order to fight for the last chance, Mr. Tang and Ding Kai personally ran to the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration to report the plan of the Ark to Director Fang. They eagerly hope that the Maritime Safety Administration can increase the berthing width, build Shanghai into an international cruise port, and enhance the development of China’s cruise industry. rise rapidly!

Roja’s senior management continued the meeting after three hours of discussion, and announced the decision of the Miami headquarters on the spot: the Ark was selected to be in Shanghai Port! Mr. Tang, Ding Kai, Chen Anni, and Hathaway embraced and celebrated. Everyone congratulated them. The four expressed that they would take good care of every cruise ship and every tourist.

Ding Kai returned to the Ocean, thanked Wang Ziyang for finding out the truth about the Haixing, so that his father and those dying souls could rest in peace. He knew that Wang Ziyang deliberately revealed information to himself from time to time, just to let them focus on himself.

By hiding him from the body, Ding Kai felt that it is not a bad thing for people to have desires, but it depends on how to manage them. Wang Ziyang confessed that for many years he had been asking himself to be good and not to be looked down upon. Ding Kai said that his graduation certificate was obtained by his father.

If he were not going to study abroad, his father would not board the Blue Star to go to sea. The tuition fee for his university was his father’s pension. They were not from his own background. Can decide. Wang Ziyang said sincerely that he who worked with, competed, and worked with Ding Kai was the real self. Ding Kai told him that it might not be long before they would be on the same boat.

The Ark set sail, and Ding Kai boarded as the deputy captain. Trainee Jiang Chen reported to him. Ding Kai welcomed her to join. Jiang Chen said happily that he did it. Congratulations to Ding Kai for doing it. The Ocean and the Ark met in the port. The deputy captain Wang Ziyang watched the Ark leave the port with a smile. He and Ding Kai saluted and looked at each other on the deck.

In the café, He Cai talked about being a leader in the release agency before. She never regarded it as a business. She just felt that she was able to make money quickly, and she could meet the high, rich and handsome. Once she caught it, she reached the peak of her life, and now she knows It’s all detours. Tianyue laughed and said that only after passing by did he know what he was thinking. At this moment, the two saw Fang David holding a large bouquet of roses to come to He Cai, and He Cai smiled brilliantly.

Grandma Hu stood on the deck of the Ark, carefully examining the ring given by Grandpa Jiang. She murmured that Grandpa Jiang had promised to take her around the world. At this time, Hashmi gave Grandma Hu a gift, and she opened it. Look, it was actually the photo album where the two had their wedding on the Ocean Cruise last time, and Grandma Hu’s eyes were moist.

After disembarking, Wang Ziyang immediately went to the marketing department to find Annie, only to find out that she had resigned. He called Annie, but she hung up without saying a word. When Wang Ziyang was extremely disappointed, he suddenly surprised him with the phrase “Deputy Captain is okay”. It turned out that Annie, who was thinking about it, came to see him!

Ding Kai went to the cafe to look for Tianyue. He put the sailor’s hat on Tianyue’s head, hugged her dozingly, and envied the people in the shop.

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