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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 42 Recap

He Cai’s mother warned her daughter that she would not agree with Fang David, and He Cai advised her mother not to worry about herself.

Hathaway, Olsen and others were shocked after watching the restoration video. They discovered that the last person to leave the anchor cabin that day was not Ding Kai, but Allen. Wang Ziyang inferred what happened: After Ding Kai left, Allen quietly entered the anchor cabin and opened the stop valve. After that, he provided an internal port for hackers to invade the surveillance system, washed the video, and connected it with other videos. .

In the face of hard evidence, Allen had nothing to say. Olsen accused him of being unworthy of being a crew member. Hathaway announced on the spot that he would be relieved of all duties on the Allen Ocean and handed over to the Maritime Safety Administration when the ship arrives at the port.

Wang Ziyang went to the room to talk to Alan alone. He knew that Alan’s purpose was to get rid of the strongest opponent in the deputy captain’s campaign. He wanted to get asylum at Olsen, but he didn’t succeed, so he Do it yourself. Allen said that Mr. Tang’s talent plan has long been questioned by the headquarters, and now only Wang Ziyang is left alone. The sea is still not the Chinese can take over and guard the sea. He acknowledges the abilities of Wang Ziyang and Ding Kai, but they are nothing but abilities. The chess piece, Wang Ziyang persuaded Allen to do it for himself.

Mr. Tang came to Maritime University to find Ding Kai and told him the truth about the anchoring cabin incident. He apologized to Ding Kai on behalf of the company and sincerely hoped that he could return to the Ocean, because they needed him. Ding Kai did not immediately agree, saying that he needs time to consider.

Tianyue heard that David said that Ding Kai was reinstated, so he put on makeup and waited for Ding Kai in a cafe. After Ding Kai came, he asked Tianyue what he thought of this incident? Tianyue knows that Ding Kai’s biggest dream is to stay on the boat to protect the safety of tourists. Ding Kai hopes that in his future life plans, every choice he makes will have Tianyue. For so long, he knew what he wanted was What, waiting for Tianyue’s answer.

Pan Wei officially notified Ding Kai that he is going to become a teacher in the editor. Because his teaching level is obvious to all, he decided to apply to his superiors to promote Ding Kai as an official teacher. Ding Kai thanked Pan Wei for his trust in him, but he wanted to think about it again. . In the evening, Ding Kai watched the teacher who wrote his self-assessment, recalling the scenes of his life with his classmates at Maritime University, and his heart was warm.

After Captain Drake heard Mr. Tang talk about Ding Kai, he met Ding Kai before leaving China. Ding Kai bluntly said that he thought he would be excited to put on the uniform again, but he didn’t expect to feel uncomfortable in his heart. Drake told Ding Kai that it is difficult to rebuild after the collapse of trust, but the trust after rebuilding will be stronger. Ding Kai heard that the headquarters may cancel the Asian talent plan. Drake believes that the significance of the sea to Ding Kai goes beyond secular success. He will definitely become the captain. He hopes to see Ding Kai once again he has put on his uniform, Ding Kai Thanks to the old captain for his encouragement, Drake believes he will do it.

Ding Kai officially rejected Pan Wei’s kindness, saying that Luo Ya Company has undergone great changes. His mentor and companions need him. He must return to the sea. Pan Wei regrets that the opportunity to become a regular employee is very rare. Ding Kai proposed that Luo Ya Company is carrying out an Asian talent plan, but the base of Chinese crew is too small. He hopes to build a bridge between Luo Ya Company and Maritime University. The Maritime University will specially provide talents for the cruise industry. Pan Wei couldn’t ask for it. He promised to immediately go back to draft a letter of intent for cooperation and transfer it to Luo Ya Company by Ding Kai.

When Ding Kai left Haida, Jiang Chen came to see him. Ding Kai asked her to remember to wait until she passed the internship assessment. See you on board! Later Liang Zhongwei and other classmates also came to see Ding Kai off.

Wang Ziyang went to his home to look for Mr. Tang. He heard that the headquarters was going to make personnel transfers to Mr. Tang, and he thought it was unfair. He inquired from Bangweizhi Company and very much hoped that Mr. Tang could join them. Mr. Tang reminded Wang Ziyang that once the news reaches the headquarters, he will be convinced that he has two minds, but it will make him unable to argue. Although Wang Ziyang knows how to seize the opportunity to judge the situation, he is also wise to win and to lose. At this time Chen Anni brought tea in, and Mr. Tang asked them to talk alone.

Annie asked Wang Ziyang to investigate the old case of the Blue Star last time she went abroad, and she also got the receipt of the Blue Star smuggling contraband. She took out the picture of Wang Ziyang going to the police station to monitor it. Wang Ziyang didn’t admit it.

Annie was angry that he did this entirely for the deputy captain’s campaign, and the evidence he got was his bargaining chip. He had to bet at a critical time. He never cared about anyone on the Blue Star. Wang Ziyang still wanted to deny it, and Annie took out his itinerary again, saying that she had even found out the procedures for solving the case for this case. Wang Ziyang was irrefutable, and smiled bitterly and said that it was her favorite Annie.

Before Annie was angry, they were able to be together because they are both strong and have the same desires and ambitions, but in order to win, what is the point of winning? She disappointedly returned the diamond ring to Wang Ziyang. With tears in his eyes, Wang Ziyang said that after this period of time, he hoped to have a chance to wear it for Annie again.

Mr. Tang warmly welcomed Ding Kai back and pointed out that his rigor and meticulousness have always been what he admires most. He gave Ding Kai the materials for the largest-tonnage Ark cruise ship. The port of the Ark currently headquartered in New York is New York. He hopes that Ding Kai and Hathaway and the marketing department will bring the Ark back to China!

The difficulty of this matter lies in the fact that the Ark has already started to propagate its sailing in New York, and the headquarter has already set the sailing location, but Mr. Tang believes that it is not impossible to change the Ark’s home port to Shanghai. He arranged Ding Kai to be responsible for the technical control. Annie overcomes market difficulties. Mr. Tang told them that he insisted on staying in Roja because he believed in Roja’s affirmation of the Chinese market.

He hoped to make the Chinese cruise market catch up with the world through hard work, and this time the Ark was a breakthrough, so he asked them to do their best. Going forward, use the Ark to open the new door to the future of China’s cruise industry. Ding Kai handed Pan Wei’s talent plan to Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang believed that cooperation with Haida was a good suggestion and a merit to China’s maritime industry. He hoped to meet with Director Pan as soon as possible.

In the evening, Mr. Tang reminded Annie Chen that she could ask friends in the tourism industry, they are more professional. The next day, Annie immediately came to the cafe to ask He Cai and Tianyue for advice. It happened that Tianyue had just made a tourist population analysis report, which happened to come in handy for Annie.

Wang Ziyang came to Olsen’s office and said that he had mastered the most critical evidence of the Blue Star because they brought contraband on board, which caused the hull of the storm to explode, and Ding Kai’s father was killed as a result.

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