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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 41 Recap

Tianyue comforts He Cai. The impact of her native family on her is inevitable, but fortunately, He Cai has become independent. He Cai remembered that Tianyue had a coffee technician certificate, so she planned to open a coffee shop with her. Tianyue would be a coffee technician, and she would do the operation and management. The two were chatting, He Cai saw in the entertainment news that Wu Yiyang admitted at the press conference that he was Xiaole’s biological father.

After the press conference, Sister Na was angry that Wu Yiyang had destroyed their hard-working planning plan. Jessica thought that things were not so bad. Sooner or later Zuo Wu would dig out Xiao Le’s mother. At that time, if Wu Yiyang denies thinking again. She can’t stand up anymore. She thinks Wu Yiyang should use Tianyue to divert the public’s attention. Sister Na reminds Wu Yiyang that if she still wants to mix in the circle, she’d better be smart.

Lao Bai had to take Xiao Le to the hospital for a review at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. He suddenly found that the downstairs was blocked by Wu Yiyang’s fans. He quickly called Wu Yiyang for help, but Wu Yiyang was about to participate in the performance, so he asked Lao Bai to deal with it first.

Tianyue met Laishent who sells jewellery while shopping, and Tianyue asked Laishent about the location of the café. It just so happened that Ding Kai came here too. He thought that Su Mi’s dance studio was a good location. There was no cafe there. Laishan was willing to give Su Mi’s dance studio to them for free, because Su Mi watched the children every day and didn’t have time to teach. class. Tianyue couldn’t ask for it, and promised that if the cafe opened, they would also be one of the shareholders. Ding Kai received a call from Lao Bai for help, and Tianyue offered to go with him.

Lao Bai told Ding Kai and Tian Yue that Xiao Le’s mother was Qianyu, and she accompanied Wu Yiyang through the time before he became famous. That year, Wu Yiyang went to the United States for further study. Qianyu willingly stayed with him to take care of his daily life. Although Wu Yiyang was a piano genius, he was very poor in self-care ability. Later, Qianyu became pregnant after returning to China. Not going well, no company was willing to sign a contract for him.

The two had no other income except for the support of family and relatives. Qianyu died of an asthma attack due to dystocia. Wu Yiyang cried and begged herself to take care of Xiaole for a while. Later, he won the international piano competition champion, and a company signed an agreement with him, so he asked Lao Bai to take care of Xiaole because he could not have an illegitimate child.

Only then did Tianyue and Ding Kai realize that Lao Bai was Xiaole’s uncle. Tianyue immediately called Wu Yiyang, accusing his fans of interfering with Lao Bai and Xiao Le’s normal life. He could not sit idly by. Wu Yiyang promised that Lao Bai would take the child to the hospital in the afternoon to pick up Xiao Le in person. He swears From now on, I will always take care of Xiaole. Wu Yiyang invited Tianyue to a place, saying that this matter was also related to Xiaole.

After Tianyue came to the appointment place, Wu Yiyang first played her a piano song, and then proposed to Tianyue on one knee. He said that he loved Tianyue very much. Tianyue didn’t think about herself, but also for Xiaole. She didn’t. I hope the media will expose Xiaole as a child without a mother! Tianyue said coldly that Wu Yiyang had chosen the wrong person. What he had to do was to accompany his children, not to do these ungrateful things. Before leaving, Tianyue said that Wu Yiyang was also quite pitiful. He seemed to be shrouded in a huge halo. puppet.

David Fang came to see He Cai. The two saw Ding Kai in the entertainment news telling the media downstairs that Tian Yue was his girlfriend and Lao Bai was the child’s uncle. David Fang expressed that Ding Kai still loves to fight against injustices as before. He decided to take the tourists to He Cai’s coffee shop to eat cakes after the Ocean ship docked. He will always support He Cai’s cause.

In the evening, Ding Kai sent Tianyue home. He told Tianyue that he was relieved of the disembarkation. Lai Shen once said that he was unwilling to stray from his ideals. However, with such a good opportunity in China, Lai Shen was nothing to the family business. The uninterested prodigal wanted to do something, and he believed that Ding Kai would not let himself down. Tianyue feels that Ding Kai has indeed changed a lot, but Ding Kai thinks that Tianyue has not changed. He feels that the two people’s help to Xiaole can only end here. Tianyue also agrees that the person who needs to tie the bell is needed to untie the bell.

The police officer informed Annie Chen that they narrowed the search scope and found a case file based on the relevant clues provided by her. When Annie took it, they found that a page had been torn off. The police officer remembered that someone had come to find this file before Annie. In the case file, Annie called out the surveillance that day and recognized that person was Wang Ziyang.

Ding Kai came to the cafe to buy breakfast. After he left, He Cai told Tianyue that Maritime University is so far away from the cafe. Ding Kai went around such a big circle to buy breakfast enough to see that he was well-intentioned and Xiaole. Ding Kai also fully protected Tianyue.

Hathaway held a meeting to tell everyone that after arriving at the port, a VIP Mr. Ball and his wife will board the ship. They are not only VIP guests of the Ocean, but also regular guests of other cruise ships. Hathaway arranged for Hashmi to do the preliminary reception work. . Hashmi accidentally discovered that there was a frame drop in the surveillance during the patrol surveillance. After verification, the technician reported to Hathaway that a hacker had intruded and manipulated the surveillance system remotely. Now the engineering department has used technology to restore the video. Hathaway, Wang Ziyang and others looked back at the restoration video on the day of Ding Kai’s accident.

Mayfair and David Fang came to the store to join in. Mayfair joked about the development of Tianyue and Ding Kai. In the evening, He Cai also talked about it, saying that Ding Kai was so good for Tianyue. Too much, and Ding Kai has been busy with the opening of the new store some time ago. He didn’t tell Tianyue that he didn’t want to put pressure on her, and only silently supported her career behind his back. He Cai reminds Tianyue not to let those who love her wait too long.

David Fang came to the store to help He Cai. After He Cai’s mother came, he reminded him that if he had an idea for Xiao Cai to dispel this idea as soon as possible, even if Xiao Cai divorced, his conditions for finding a boyfriend would not be lowered. If there is no money, even talk Love is also impossible. David Fang calmly argued with He Cai’s mother that money is only an additional condition of marriage. The key is that the person must be able to give He Cai happiness. Mr. Zhang, who has just divorced, used to be rich in He’s mother’s heart.

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